Tree Goddess


Frida Kahlo Self-Portrait 1940 Study WIP #12

Encasutic wip

Dripping rainbows



Georgette Chen Portrait

Still there

She knows


Elemental cycles

Senses painting

Breakfast Saviour

Finding new whispers

Blooming True Layer 9 #1 (Birthing new selves)

Sometimes it felt like the world cried with her

Blooming True Layer 9 #2 (Fallen Angel)

Standing in Truth

Basking in the Moon

Day at the Beach

From the shadows

The masks we wear

Finding Strength

Finding Breath

Jumping over the Moon
Ruby Slipper

Zombie love

Showing up

Coming Home Bravely

Reflective Resolutions

Chasing Dreams

Come What May

2011 Intentions

Wild calm



3 thoughts on “Art

  1. Love it! Very lively stuff, great expressions. And again the great variety: I like that. I cannot understand how some people more or less just paint the same picture. Our world is so rich!

  2. Amazing art – you have a great gift and after reading your “About” page I am glad you found joy in what you do. I am just beginning this journey I think, lacking in technique but learning and learning how to also simply enjoy the process and not be too critical of it (since I am mistress of self criticism). Having a look through your blog and your posts…inspirational, I think I will read it, all of it, and I am glad to have found someone who sees the world in all its wonder – not just the bad stuff :)

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