Truth card #5

Truth card #5 (before)

I am not sure if I should be doing these cards when I have no clear idea about what to do with them and no clear intention.  This week I was doing this because I have committed to it, but I wonder if that is the right frame of mind to be doing them in.  But then it got done and it probably wouldn’t have otherwise.

In amongst the autumn school holidays and other planning and reading going on I was getting this done because it need to be done.  Maybe that will be one of the good things to look back on this deck when it is finished.  Creating even when I wasn’t in the mood.  Doing it anyway.  Who knows…maybe this is all navel gazing!  :)

I did start off with a general idea of painterly turquoisey teal and white because turquoise is one of my strength colours but after I got the first layer down I felt like white lines with some acrylic ink and then some darker lines for some contrast and then we were mostly done apart from a bit of red splashed about.

Truth card #5 (after)Done enough to supervise packing for our weekend away and done enough to post.  :)

I am however going to reprint that text I think and add it back it in, I got a bit lost in my line making and went over the words and I am not happy with how that looks.

We will see how I feel after a couple of days away.  It may not bother me enough when I get back!  I suspect it will, but maybe not…

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend, filled with connection and whatever else brings you joy.



Truth card

Here is this weeks Truth card that I am finishing…or rather redoing, because there is not really that much of the old card that remains.

Truth card #4 (Before)

When I drew this card out I was not sure what I was going to do.  I painted out the background with some white and hoped inspiration would hit.

It didn’t.  This is where I am glad to have a blogging schedule of some kind now because it acts like a deadline and forces me to act, when before I may have procrastinated and waited for inspiration to hit (which it may never have done).  So…knowing I had a deadline coming up I knew I had to do something on the card.

While I was reading (and procrastinating a bit more) I had this wave of inspiration.  I had recently seen this video by Tammy, and I had been wanting to try it, so I figured I would do it on the card.  Since my base coat was acrylic paint, I put some clear gesso over it, to give the card some tooth so the watercolour would work, and also to protect the text a bit more so that I could blot it down a bit if I wanted to.

Truth Card #4 (After)
I am not thrilled with my mandala, I want to get better at them, but I am happy with the card, and pushing though one of my previous bad habits.  Structure and routines are leading to much more creativity.

It brings to mind something I read last night.  I have had this book by Austin Kleon on my kindle for a longish while but have not gotten around to reading it.  I began last night, it is a short though punchy read so I am nearly finished.  In one of his chapters, and I had a brief look right now, and I can’t find it immediately so I hope my paraphrasing is roughly correct.

Essentially he said that while blogging and the internet can be about sharing your finished work, it can also be about the process and snippets, and the dots.  And you can let people connect those dots however they please.  That is I think what I want this space to be about.  My dots, and sometimes that will be finished works and sometimes what inspires me, but essentially my dots, and hopefully there is value to another somewhere in how they connect them.

Also that point while mentioned is not what I actually was intending to paraphrase (truly I got a lot out of the book that is busy percolating in my head clearly), but what I wanted to say was that your online space and blog can be motivating in and of itself to our creative work.  It can push you in the need to create to post about it.  To give you something to post.  You can think of our blogs as containers that need to be filled, and the work we do is what we fill it up with and it can inspire and motivate our work, in a big cycle.  This space can act as the motivation for creating work, as the need to finish this card led me to doing a watercolour mandala today when I was absolutely stuck for what to do for a good few days.

Essentially that is what he said…but a lot crisper and better written.  I recommend the book even though I have not yet finished it…in case you were wondering.  :)


Truth Card #2

As I mentioned in this post I am going to be finishing of these truth cards that I started in 2011.  As I randomly pick one each week, it will also act as a kind of oracle…maybe, or just a finished card!  :)

The Before:
Truth card #2 (Before)

The After:

This one did not have much of the previous collage show through at all.  But you can see it was there.  And it feels so much more finished.  I am quite looking forward to seeing the finished cards at the end of this creative project.
Truth card #2 (After)