Week one of my 52 week project

These are in my sketchbook from week one…some are still awaiting colour and are not finished so I wasn’t going to post them but actually…that is the point. And if I set rules that things need to be finished I will never post so I am just going to post the pages and not comment on their finishedness. 

They are in my sketchbook after all!!

Spring colour study #52weeksofsketching
Sketching with charcoal and soft pastel and painted strips. #52weeksofsketching
Pattern making. #52weeksofsketching
Preparation for a colour study. #52weeksofsketching
Shapes to be filled in for a colour study. #52weeksofsketching


Friday Forging

This morning I started again…yet again. I decided to begin with what I know works because I don’t have any answers or know where else to start. 

So with morning pages which I have not done for a very long time…hmmm…wondering why I feel so lost and wandering is becoming somewhat clearer when I am not using the tools I know work for me and which I possess in my toolbox already. 

I bought a new book for my morning pages yesterday…I didn’t need one, I have a few half started ones but I just couldn’t get started in them. So with awareness that while waiting for a “perfect book” to start is another procrastination sign and while I know I am being mindful about my mindless spending…I bought one anyway. And this morning I started…again. Some cracker truths came up that knocked me in the gut and reminded me why it is such a valuable practice and why I need it. 

Starting again with what I know works. Sometimes it feels like I am always starting again. #morningpages

And while I was back to utilising my existing tools I decided to pull out my weekly reflection journal and do a found word collage. It is very wordy and I haven’t reflected on it yet but I really liked that pairing of “Friday Forging”.  The idea of creating with a bit of hammering and beating and reflecting on my week, and what I want to come. Taking my weekly reflections to a bit of a different place but the same idea…we will see. That is my intention for right now. 

More of back to what works. Pondering the messages. #weeklyreflections #fridayforging

And this…52 weeks of sketching. It was a spontaneous idea and I have decided to run with it. It scares me because of the commitment when I am not sure how I am but sometimes we need to run with these crazy ideas. To at least start and see where we end up. I like the idea of sketching too….no pressure, less than drawing, raw, able to be unfinished, exploring and meandering. Seeing where they go. I need this to start creating again. I need to create again. Need to. But I don’t know how to start and so my sketchbook will be where I begin. 

So I pulled out my sketchbook and did a quick logo and I am ready for the weekend. To sketch and to see where that goes. To start. Yet a bloody again. Not knowing what lays ahead or what the right path is…or even where the path is but knowing that sometimes you just need to do it and start. 

A new project. Somewhere to start. #fridayforging

In my sketchbook

This week has been the week of introducing new series on this blog (First the In my art journal one, and then the truth cards! :) All in an effort to keep me motivated and accountable in completely selfish ways.

I was thinking I would share some pages in my sketchbook regularly. I would have said I am new to sketch book keeping but in fact upon thinking about that I have kept them for quite a while as I have practiced faces and techniques and what have you. Though sometimes they have just been on scraps of paper and often I have ripped pages out to either bin forever or used in other projects.

It is only relatively recently I have kept a dedicated sketchbook that I pull out over and over again and that I distinguish quite markedly fro my art journals. They are unfinished, rough and raw, playing and experimenting, but they are a part of my creative process and perhaps useful to document I thought.

These ones were playing with charcoal…oh be still my heart. I did these last year and I realise I have not played with charcoal much since so I must get back to that! Adding it to my never ending creative to-do list. But for today here are the results of my charcoal playing. I love all of them.

Charcoal Sketch

Charcoal Sketch

Charcoal Sketch

Charcoal Sketch

Can I also blatantly remind you that there is a chance to win a spot on the 21 Secrets Spring 2014 Workshop over here that you can enter to win and/or share the news.  I would much appreciate it! :)

In my sketchbook

I thought I would share some of my recent sketchbook pages today.  It is no accident that they are filled with animals given I am in the middle of Pixie’s class.

It has been an interesting process, the sketching in combination with Shamanic journeying.  It will also be interesting to see if the sketches end up coming through n my art, and in what way the practice will feed into other areas.

I am trying not to get too far ahead of myself and to keep out of my own way a bit.

Playing with colour and pattern. I am quite drawn to this earth palette at the moment.

Colour and pattern

This sketch of a slug, they have been appearing in abundance for me. Unfortunately many of them have been in my vege garden. But they have been turning up in some odd places like well like randomly from heaven on my bathroom floor?! Not entirely sexy really, but I do wonder if it is some sort of totem animal for me…and they have come up for me before like here. The gift they have to offer is quite powerful and in many ways appropriate for me so who knows!? :)

Slug Sketch

Sketches of shadowy creatures…

Shadow Sketch

This. This may be my favourite sketch. I am loving sketching with my neocolor IIs at the moment.

Crab Sketch

This fierce guide made an appearance as well, completely unexpectedly. :)

Shark Sketch

A bear popped in as well, just for a brief moment but she made a lasting impression.

Bear Sketch

Bear Sketch

It is an interesting process for me and I am trying not to interfere too much and just trust in the process. Looking up the meanings of the animals afterwards has also been filled with potential insight as well.

The scribblings are notes from my shamanic journeying or insights about the animals/creatures I wanted to note down.  It just depends what is closer on whether I reach for my sketchbook or for my journal.

In my sketch book

As I mentioned yesterday that page has led to me being completely obsessed with stones! Here are some sketch book pages I have done since doing that page in my art journal. These are all in my sketch book {all unfinished sketching out of potential ideas and working out placements, spaces and colour combos for other pieces}. This book was made with Canson Mixed Media XL paper, and I have to say it is a bit rubbish for water media (you can see on some of the photos the bleed through from other pages).

I have sketched with crayons:
Crayon sketch

Graphite sketch

Pigment pen:
Pigment pen sketch

Watersoluble black pen:
Watersoluble black pen sketch

All of these were assessing what different media would do with watercolour.

Then there was the playing with colours and how much water I would use for what effects:

Brown stones sketch

Brown stones

Stones sketch

Playing with the idea of stone walls:
Stone wall

Stacked stones:
Stacked stones

Stacked stones

Stacked stones

And just playing :):
Rainbow stones

Some of these ideas have even started making it to proper paper and into my art journal, which I will show you soon.

I will also do another post on my other stone inspirations I have collected in my ideas book. Just because I always find it interesting to see the processes that people go through and also what the finished works end up looking like as compared to the inspirations and how they all feed off each other!

Sunday sketches and Every Day Matters

I have been on a bit of an ear mission this week!  See here and here. I have always avoided ears, covered them up usually with hair, or just lightly indicated that they were there, but left it abstracty.

When I did attempt it last year, I completely stuffed it up and so I got so scared I never really tried again.  (Just looking at it now I cringe, though seeing where I have gotten to with some practice is very gratifying as well.)

Elements Water Page

But I finally decided to practice, and to stop procrastinating about it, because of fear.  Hence this week has been the week of the ear.  And it seemed somewhat appropriate that my sketch today should be the ear.  A part of me wishes I had done the sketch earlier, because having names for parts of the ear, helps me contextually with making sure those parts of the ear are there.  I think maybe my geeky, nerdy side.  :)

But here, for Sunday Sketches is my sketch page:

Ear Sketching

While I am here, I am also going to publish my two EDM drawings. I am so glad I decided to do this. And I can’t wait to see my improvement.

EDM #2: Draw a light or lamp
EDM #2

EDM #3: Draw a bag

EDM #3