Did I mention I was published??

So. Thank you for the kindness shown on my last post. I don’t have words to tell you what your words mean to me. Or how much comfort they bring as I muddle my way through this.

Thank you and much love. xx

In the interests of this place not being all about my sadness I have some quite exciting news…I have been published.

Start the squealing and jazz hands. I received the actual copy of the book {an actual book with my art in!!!} just before our holiday and then later events took some of the shine off, but oh my gosh. One of the pictures selected was my class I did for 21 Secrets. Just exciting.

It is a book filled with contributions and interviews from other art journallers, as well as a few ideas for how to get started. Ironic if you think about my own situation…maybe I should dig it out for more than looking at the photos and MY NAME!! ;)

Here is the book…you can find out more about it here.


And here are my pages….oh my gosh!!


Geeky thrilling.

And a recent discovery that thrilled me no end as well is that I was mentioned in the introduction!!!!


Again…more advice I should remember and actually live.

So not all about the sadness…and that is good to remember as well.


Flipping out with joy and jazz hands…


I am so freaking excited as I announce that I have been published in Altered Arts Magazine.  I have literally been squealing all morning, quite randomly and freaking out children and animals alike!  :D

I am in this issue!!!! Excitement abounds around here today I tell you! {cue some more children and animal freak outs AKA jazz hand squealing}


It is not clear but what you are looking at is ME in a digital magazine...the latest copy of Altered Arts Magazine. If this had sound you would hear squealing. #Iamfreakingpublished

I am even ACTUALLY mentioned in the contents.

I am even actually mentioned in the contents. #cuemoresquealing #alteredartsmagazine

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am by this. Though this post may be a good start! :D

Even my boy-child, who normally tells me how lame I am, told me I was “a bit gangsta” this morning as I forced the children to look at the screen before I would make a move to get their breakfast.


I hope everyone has a joy-filled day today, I know I will be!!!!  :D

{Jazz hand squealing}

And yes this is what I was vaguely referring to earlier today!!

{Jazz hand squealing}


I announced here last week that I contributed an article to the latest Daisy Yellow zine. It is with MUCH excitement that I get to announce that Tammy of Daisy Yellow has offered TWO copies of her latest Zine for me to give away over here!!!!!

I know!  Excitement abounds around here at the moment! (hence all the exclamation marks). :)

In the article I talk about when the page stops talking to you, and discuss the process of making this journal page.
After The following is completely ripped from Tammy’s post about the zine:

1301zine08cover15 pages of Articles + Inspiration + Art: ♥ Learning a New Medium ♥ When the Page Stops Talking to You {by mixed media artist Natasha White} ♥ Pattern Work-Out ♥ Feed Your Imagination ♥ Embrace Imperfection {by author Rabia Gale} ♥ 7 Kick-Start Art Journal Prompts ♥ Building a Collection of Ephemera and Papers for Collage and Art Journaling ♥ Blogging Topics for Creatives ♥

It is a digital zine, which means you can read it STRAIGHT AWAY, and purchase options are available on Tammy’s site here, which also gives you access to her previous zines, I have all of them and highly recommend them!  They are jam packed with juicy colour, prompts, ideas, tutorials and interesting articles.

So…how to win this fabulousness I hear you ask.

There will obviously be two winners, each winning a copy of Issue 8.

If you have already purchased the zine, then Tammy will refund you.

All you have to do to be in to win is comment on this post.  Easy peasy, no other rings to jump through.  I would really, really appreciate it if you could share the giveaway news around your networks, but there is no requirement to do so of course.

Entry will close at midnight next Friday (12th July USA PST time), and I will randomly draw the winners next Saturday 13th July.  If you don’t leave your contact details in the comment box where it says email, then please check back here to find out if you win, otherwise I will contact you about the happy news if I can!

So, please, please comment below!!!  I am so filled with nervous excitement.

A HUGE thank you to Tammy for the generous offer for me to do this.

Good luck to all!!!! :)

Some exciting news…

I was meant to share this last week, but in between nursing my beloved with the worst flu I have seen for a while, (knowing that this was the case because he is NEVER sick, even when he is and he took sick days, three of them! for the first time in 5 years. And then getting the flu myself (to then know it is the worst flu that has gone round for a while (and knowing my immune system is rubbish from the chemo, I did my best to avoid it, but no such blinken luck it would seem), so I sit here clogged up, headachey, shivery, cold, no voice, achey…etc etc, and none of this post has anything to do with that whining…instead it is something far more exciting…

For a couple of years I have read Seth’s The Pulse, and learnt a lot, discovered new sources of inspiration and generally loved it, and this year when he put the call out I put my hand up, and got something in…and last week I was on….

HERE!!!!!! :)

OH MY GOSH exciting…to be featured with the other world famous artists was very happy making, and thrilling to see my painting on another person’s website, a series that is used as a resource for other artists…oh my good gracious…flu shmu, what flu??

I was on the Pulse!!