Bingo, spaceships and tennis

Creating with Victoria using @gypsy999's creative bingo prompt cards. #100happydays #autumnholidays

I have had these journal prompt cards  that Tammy at Daisy Yellow puts out for a while and I have had great plans for them in terms of creating with the children but never quite got there.  With the Autumn holidays upon me I decided to get organised and I made up some bingo tokens.

Bingo tokens

We then pulled a card at random and pulled three tokens out of the bowl.

Oh my goodness, so much fun and really challenging as well. Certainly makes you experiment and put things together that would never normally occur to you. It pushes you out of your comfort zone as you try and work out how these random disparate prompts will work together on one page.

Unfortunately Sebastian was under the weather after needing a tooth removed, but he rallied admirably in spite of it all.

Victoria however was a very eager participant. It did get a bit competitive in the end and there was some copying involved I am going to add, and someone thinks they won…I disagree, but the judge called a tie (which I also disagreed with)?!

For the first attempt we drew: Spaceship, Toy and Tennis.

I just used some watercolour paper I had for these, which I ripped in half. Clearly I had needed some watercolour circles for something because out of one piece there were 4 punched circle holes, I decided to put some tinfoil behind them in light of the spaceship theme.

Someone then copied…not mentioning names. :)

Here is what we ended up with.

Natasha - Daisy Yellow Prompt card(Mine)

Victoria - Daisy Yellow Prompt card (7)(Victoria)

I went with Robots as my toy and Victoria went with toy koalas. The words on mine say “The umpire was not very neutral” which was not so far from the truth in real life either with both sides arguing their position quite strongly!

The second attempt was after Sebastian was back from the dentist, and he participated in this one, before retiring to bed. The prompts were: New York, Wine and Charcoal Grey.

Sebastian is much more subdued with his colour (much preferring to create black and white comics) and a lot more literal. Certainly a whole lot more subdued than his sister!!

Natasha - Daisy Yellow Prompt card(Mine)

Sebastian - Daisy Yellow Prompt card (10)

Victoria - Daisy Yellow Prompt card (7)(Victoria)

I love her use of neon and her bold lines.  I am also grateful Sebastian attempted to play along despite how miserable he was feeling.

These cards are such a great idea for creating with children, as well as stretching you out of your comfort zone and giving yourself new challenges. Trying things that you wouldn’t necessarily try or even contemplate putting together as you try and weave together a story or at least some coherence. I really enjoyed them just for myself and my own benefit let alone how great they were to use with Victoria.  They sparked an afternoon of creating and animated discussion.

Also they are so juicy and delicious, using Tammy’s own vibrant artwork as the backgrounds. They are gorgeous and inspiring to hold and just look at and shuffle through and try and work out how the background is made. They are Moo cards so really good quality and I just really recommend them.  A fun addition to one’s creative toolbelt.

Victoria has already sorted out what tokens we are doing tomorrow apparently (more cheating I expect…not that I am the competitive one) as well as the Bingo prompt card we are using, and has just announced to me I will need to buy some more! So very well recommended from these parts from all quarters. :)

To find out more you can click here to go to Tammy’s website, or to her shop where she sells them over here.


Victoria’s Daily Paper Challenges #1-8

As promised by a very indulgent mother here are all Victoria’s cards with none of my art anywhere to be seen. She is doing the Daily Paper Prompts that you can find over at Tammy’s website here.

Daily Paper Prompt #1:

A watercolour rainbow – an easy start for my rainbow girl.
Victoria (6) DPP 1Daily Paper Prompt #2:

She came up with the design and asked me to help cut one bit she was struggling with, but her face was not any further than 30cm’s away as she made sure I did not ruin the card.  I have to say when I told her window I saw something a lot simpler like a square!!  I love what she came up with however!
Victoria (6) DPP 2

Daily Paper Prompt #3:

Victoria got into the drips and loved this card.  In fact it spawned a little series of drip art this day!  :)
Victoria (6) DPP 3

Daily Paper Prompt #4:

Flowers bloomed on her card.  :)
Victoria (6) DPP 4

Daily Paper Prompt #5:

A maze was done this day for which she drew in the answer to assist us.  You will note on the second dead end that there is a shark swimming in the bottom.  If you make it to the end you will be met with a teddy, lollies and a present!
Victoria (6) DPP 5

Daily Paper Prompt #6:

This took Victoria a while as she decided for what of her many skills she would give herself a certificate (you think I jest, but over half an hour was spent wallowing on the couch that she could not decide what talent to reward – modesty was not a contender).  In the end she decided on singing and dancing, and even more luckily for us she came up with the idea to make a stand so this can be free standing and on display for all (as you can see below!!  :)
Victoria (6) DPP 6

Victoria (6) DPP 6 Back

Daily Paper Prompt #7:

She was very excited to recycle the paper we had under her drippy creations!
Victoria (6) DPP 7

Daily Paper Prompt #8:

She loved creating faded work.  This spawned a series as well, she LOVED spraying the neocolors with water and then dabbing off the colour.
Victoria (6) DPP 8

And these are her first 8 cards, I thank you in advance for any comments, you will make a certain 6 year old’s day.

Thank you.  :)

The last batch for Summer of Color 3

The last week!!  The last six weeks have gone so fast, I can’t believe it has been six weeks since Summer of Color began.  I am also pleased to say that it is another completed challenge!  Finally some finishing magic is entering my creative space.  :)  A huge thanks to Kristin for her gracious hosting and the mid year Christmas gift that arrived when I won the week 2 goodies.  I am most grateful.  :)

These colours were a bit of a struggle for me, they are not colours I naturally gravitate to, but I love all my pages that eventuated from this week.  I love being pushed outside of my comfort zone, and the results that happen when you just play, because you have no other direction to go in when you start.  The space where magic happens.

Here are my journal pages:

This started of with just playing. I painted a couple of layers and put made some marks with my graphitones. I threaded a silk ribbon I had in this weeks colours (a lucky find when I was looking for something else!!) through the page and when I went to put on another layer of paint I saw these two figures dancing and I decided to leave them there. I love the sense of movement and feeling from them.

Dance of Lovers

I was going to go for a vintage-y portrait with red lips, but I ended up liking her the way she came out, so I left her quite soft and almost unfinished. She felt a bit dreamy and reflective.

ReflectionThis one began a lot like the first one, and then when I began playing with a later layer of paint I was interrupted by a phone call. When I came back the angle I saw this on looked liked someone, or a child being dragged and I love the unformed nature of it, so I left it as it was. I just added a few lines for the ground and a word down in the corner which came to me as I was working on the ground.

Dragged alongNext I decided to play with some corrugated cardboard. It is something I have been wanting to do for a while, to play with all that texture, and it seemed in my head it would work great with this week’s colours.

I LOVE how this came out. Not all my ideas worked, but I enjoyed playing immensely.

Texture cityAnd because I can I am going to force you to look at the delicious texture close ups!! :) I made the flowers with tissue paper and left over silk ribbon because I thought it needed a little something else.

Texture city close up

Texture city close up

Texture city close up

Texture city close upFinally I completely forgot last week that Victoria, my wee one worked on a painting with Summer of Color and she was most disappointed when I neglected to load it last week, so to make amends and appease my mother guilt here is her work from this week. She is on a playdate at the moment, so I can’t confirm, but I am reasonably confident it was all done with my Neocolor IIs. So here is the work from my Miss 6. :)

Victoria (6) Summer of Color Portrait

In my art journal this week

I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend, it is wintery and bitter cold outside, but thankfully we don’t have to leave the fire as we all recover from cold germs.

Here are the pages that came up in my art journal this week.

Engineer your future

A day in my lifeThe next pages were inspired by the Summer of Color colours that you can find out about here.  I have to say I have struggled this week with the colours, which is good to get out of your comfort zone and push you a little bit.  Though I do think these colours definitely scream Summer which has been quite nice in the face of Wintery greys.

The world has gone mad


The congregation

Technicolour flying

I saw circus colours clearly!!  :)

I look forward to seeing what everyone else has done with these colours.  I hope we all have a fabulous week filled with warmth and creativity.  :)

Summer of Color Week 3: Purple and lime green

This is this week’s contribution to Summer of Color challenge that you can find out more about here on Kristin’s blog. The colours for this week were purple and green which I have to say were not my first choice and so this week has been a bit of a struggle, but that is part of what I like about this challenge. Can I also at this juncture say a big thank you to Kristin because I was lucky enough to win last week’s prize and the whole week has felt like I have won lotto!! I am so grateful!

Earlier this year I painted these in my art journal, as an idea for two canvases that are over a metre long that I want to hang in my kitchen. I LOVE asparagus, they represent Spring to me and the end of Winter, and when they are around, I know that my November birthday is not very far away. :)

Asparagus painting planningWhen I was contemplating what I was going to paint for this week, I saw the canvases that I had put aside for these paintings, covered in gesso and white paint but that was it. I realised there was both green and purple in these paintings so that is what I decided to do.

These are the work in progress as they stand now. I plan on making the stalks longer and painting out the drips. I am not entirely happy with them but will work on them more this week.  (Also I left in shots of my floor as mentioned in this post! :))

Art WIP and my floor!!!

Asparagus #2 WIP

While I have had these paintings on the go I also did a couple of journal pages.

Miracles all around us

Bird SongThe journaling on this spread reads:
Sometimes she could only listen to the birds song to find peace amongst the other life noise.

I have another couple of pages half started but I could not get them to work, so they will sit until I know where they are going! :) I hope everyone has had a fabulous weekend, and I look forward to getting around the other participants and seeing how they used the colours this week. :)

Pink and Orange in my journal pages…

In my index card post, I slipped a couple of  Summer of Color cards with pink and orange in them, not sure if my journal pages would be ready to show.  Last night I had some time on the couch surrounded by art supplies, and combined with my girl-child now on a play date and my boy-child at rugby rep trials I have had the peace to finish and even get them photographed and uploaded!!  :)

To find out more about Summer of Color you can come here to Kristin’s blog. :)

I decided to make a gelatin plate up earlier in the week and so I did some pink and orange prints to play with for this week’s challenge.  I also did some prints directly into my art journal which worked superbly well.  It is so hard to stop making prints and come back to real life and getting the children their dinner. I managed, unfortunately helped along when my plate broke up, I don’t know if I stuffed the recipe up, because my last ones have lasted much better, or if I was rougher in my haste to fit the printing in!

In any event, here is the first page I did this week.

Every moment is a choiceI have been rereading my morning pages and this was part of something I had written and noted down in my list of insights. The initial background was a gelatine print and then journaling and more paint and layers added to it. For the most part it was a bit of an experience in mark making and different things I wanted to try.

Mind the StingsThis was another print straight into my journal. I saw the girls legs and dress before I saw her. It was nice to dig my prismacolors and gouache out for a playdate.

She knowsOn this page I saw her legs and dress first as well, on another gelatin print straight into my journal. The journaling reads: She is not always sure what she knows, but she knows. And she knows she knows. And that is sometimes enough. That is sometimes all she has. She knows. She knows. She knows.

Mushroom totemsThe last page is in response to A LOT of toadstools and mushrooms I have been seeing at the moment (and some that look like they have come straight from outer space). Almost popping up overnight in front of me. As I was thinking about animal totems my mind wandered to plant and fungi totems wondering if there was a message in there for me.

This page is not yet finished because I have yet to google if there are even fungi totems and what that may mean. I was going to write the answer on the page, but I have run out of time for today! :) The journaling above the gelatin print mushrooms reads: Magic mushrooms – what does it mean that I keep seeing you in so many forms all around me or is it just the season?

I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend, I look forward to finding out what the new colours for Summer of Color are for next week! These were fun to play with, :)

In my art journal

I have gotten to play a bit in my art journal this week for which I am very grateful.

I know this is happening all over at the moment because I have heard other people mention it but time seems so crazy busy at the moment.  Like there is so much on and the balls in the air are about to come crashing down around me.  I feel dreadfully behind on everything, if only I could steal a few extra hours from the people who are bored.  That would be a match made in heaven.  Still I would rather have my life on full, than to be waiting for it on the sidelines, so this is a choice I am making.  I just have to hope that the efforts I am making are enough!


Samantha Montgomery decided to run an online course in return for feedback, so because I had so much extra time on my hands!? ( :) ) I put my hand up. The next two pages are in response to prompts she suggested for this week.

While I was out on my walk/jog I took my phone out on one of the days and went a bit slower than normal on the walk as I clicked away. I do the same 5.5kms each day and I was surprised at the fresh perspective I had looking at the different sights through a camera. There are quite a few things I have been missing I discovered. :)

I narrowed down the photos I took to 10, because that is all that would comfortably fit on the page, and I decided on just plain brown paper. I love the way this looks.

On my walk

The next page was a self-portrait page. The journaling reads: Your story will always have ups & downs – be patient with all of it whether you are crossing to the other side or trudging through the mud.


Finally, I am also participating in the Summer of Color, which you can find out more about here. The colours for this week were citron green and turquoise.

Balls in the air

The journaling reads:
Sometimes it feels like everything is in the air, waiting for me to move so it can fall down around me. I need to take a deep breath.

*Deep breath* :)