Rocking moments galore

RYWI am linking up with Virginia and the girls to record my rocking moments.  Again, at the expense of being a joy-hog there was a lot of joy to be thankful for around here this week!

First of all, (and most excitingly!!!!!!!!!!) I was PUBLISHED!!!!  In Altered Arts Magazine.  Oh my gosh.  I was approached a little while ago and understood it was part of a gallery of other artists (which I was still very excited about), but when I checked out the magazine the other day I didn’t see my work in the gallery of artists,  and thought I was sent a copy of the magazine as a consolation. I double checked to see if there were any other artist gallery sections and I saw my name was ACTUALLY listed in  the contents!!!!  I behaved completely unprofessionally but joy-filled for the new couple of days.  In fact even now I feel a tingle of excitement in my belly still.  :D

I would like to celebrate Mother Nature who overall is making this a mild winter.  We are in t-shirts and soaking up the sun.  GLORIOUS weather, and I am especially grateful since it is the winter school holidays here so children have spent a lot of time outside playing (sometimes more nicely than at other times!).

The children for mostly not killing each other this week, though we have had some moments where I have wondered if any of us would survive with sanity intact.

Summer of Color over at Kristin’s has been such a fun way to connect with other people and challenge myself to use colours that I would not have otherwise have chosen (especially this week’s colours that have been a struggle).

I am beyond grateful for all the lovely sweet comments that were made at my excited squealing about being published here and on facebook.  I am so grateful that people were patient enough to celebrate with me, and patiently put up with my jazz hand madness. (Feel sorry for my poor family who can’t just turn off the computer and escape my madness!)

I finally finished the first scarf I have ever knitted on circular needles. In the past I have struggled with knitting on circular needles (which now seems embarrassingly easy), and I love this scarf! It is slightly more turquoise green than is shown on this photo.  The pattern is also super easy, and very addictive.  I also had a yarn problem (on the very last row when I was casting off!), wherein I ran out and the shop I used to go to had sold out, and I was most pleased at the FAST service I got from Great Southern Yarns (for those that live in New Zealand!).

My new scarf is finished. First time knitting successfully on circular needles!

Robot construction has been undertaken this week and I am grateful for my hoardings of cereal boxes and art supplies, also the fantastic weather that allowed painting to happen outside.

Robot construction is underway. :)

Robots are coming to life and children are both engaged and not fighting which is even more important! :)

Rainbow robot.

The never-ending hopscotch game was undertaken. She finally got up to over 150 though some of the squares were only big enough for tip toes.

Worlds longest game of hopscotch!

The longest game of hopscotch.   She is aiming for 100... #wondersifthepathislongenough

I got to soak him in as he went for a nap, he is ten in a couple of weeks, I don’t know where the time has gone, it is hard to believe he made me a mother a decade ago.

Master nearly 10 having a rare nap...sometimes it is much easier to see the little boy in him...

I also got to marvel at his art. He is into comics big time and I love seeing his work develop.

Taking a peek at boy-child's sketchbook while he has a break...Creatively I am loving that Victoria and I are still both doing our index cards and I love our collections!  The daily creativity sparks so many new ideas I am very grateful.

As ever I am grateful for my beloved who is incredibly funny and sexy to boot! :) (I don’t think he reads this blog, but just in case, it never hurts to earn some more brownie points!!)

I hope you all have a most fantabulous weekend, filled with sun and love.  :)