Final reflections on ICAD 2013


We are done.  When Victoria first told me that she wanted to do it as well, I was dubious.  My gypsy girl is house-famous for being one of the most distracted creatures on the planet (said with much love and exasperation!), and so I was not expecting her to go past the first week or two.  What made the difference for her I think was all of you commenting, so thank you.  She was eager each week to read what her “fans” said about her cards!!

In any event, her father and I have been quite proud of her dedication to first ICAD and now the Daily Paper Prompts (which will have their own post each week with only her art featured, as per her request!).

My son told me he would do a card every now and again if he was bored, it turned out he was never bored enough, which is a shame, as his comics are quite amazing and it would have been very cool to capture some of that as well.

I knew from last year how valuable this exercise is.  Ideas sparked up everywhere, and there are ideas I want to explore further.  In fact this time around as I realised how close to the end it was, I was a little gutted as I realised some ideas were going to go back on the backburner for a while as I concentrated on some other things I have let go (like my blog reading – my reader is showing an awful number that reminds me how far behind I am!).

This year I really only wanted to use no paint, and I was successful, if you discount the fact I made some of my own painted paper.  I missed paint though and I don’t think I will do that sort of limiting challenge again, Some cards would have been finished off a lot better (to my liking) with a bit of paint, but that was not the purpose of what I was wanting to do this year, so I let that go…sort off.  It always amazes me that the more you do, the more inspired you become and the more ideas explode.  This year was no exception.

I asked Victoria if she had any final words:

“It was really fun, and I worked really, really hard and I am glad my fans liked my cards”

No comment!  :)  Just guffawing.  I adore her.  Though perhaps I need to role model modestly a bit more clearly for her.

Here are our final collections:
Victoria…who was a little worried at my suggestion on how to capture her collection.

Victoria 2013 Collection

And mine…

2013 Collection

I have learnt so much from this challenge. I am so grateful for Tammy. I would also like to thank my daughter, for doing the challenge with me, that was perhaps the best thing about this years challenge for me. I loved seeing her stack of cards develop and fill the box I gave her. She is doing the Daily Paper Prompts on index cards as well (mostly) so her collection is continuing to grow.

I just want to add how amazing it is to me as I flit around the internet seeing what people were doing with their cards, how incredible these creations can be…index cards are so incredibly versatile.


The final five from both of us

I know!  This post is long overdue.  We finished the challenge and then with my son’s 10th birthday week and sleepover preparation, cold bugs, children home sick, bruised swollen feet from holes not blocked off and not visible in the pitch dark (stopping myself before I begin a rant!) and reading, I just lost the impetus to share here or go anywhere near the internet really.  I kept meaning to, and putting it on my to-do list, but I just never got here.  Thank goodness for morning pages and giving myself a kick in the pants, so here I am ready to share the final cards from Victoria and myself.

I have so many bits and pieces going on and have ideas bursting forth, so I have decided to stop here, but my girl-child decided to continue with Tammy’s Daily Paper Prompts, on the condition that I post about them in posts with only her cards and none of my work! :D  I am tempted to mention something about the ego on some people, but I will restrain myself.  :)

So the final cards…

Icad 57:
I was using up scraps from my collage box and Victoria played with her gel pens.

Icad #57

Victoria (6) Icad 57

Icad 58:
I was still using up scraps, can I add how much I like those cards, I am not sure if it is the ease with which I put them together, or how they look. Victoria discovered the day before that if she forced crayons to scribble through tiny sequin waste holes like a grater that they can look like fireworks and this was a technique she loved and decorated everything for a week.

This card was her “True Love” card where when you kiss the one that is your true love you see fireworks exploding in a heart. After she finished explaining it to me, she then asked what colours I saw when I kissed her father, I told her I saw a rainbow of colours, as her father rolled his eyes and guffawed…I chose not to ask what colours he saw, as tempting as that was!!

Icad 58

Victoria (6) Icad 58

Icad 59:
I used more scraps, including a heart made by Victoria in an art project she made at an art gallery and then deconstructed. Victoria was still playing with her firework idea and her idea of love is very much caught up with that clearly, as I dearly hope her mother being a romantic rose-tinted glasses wearing idealist does not set her up for complete disappointment in her life!!

Icad 59

Victoria (6) Icad 59

Icad 60:
I had some scraps of my hand dyed yarn from the scarf I made that I did not want to waste, so threaded it through some hessian (or burlap). Victoria loved that idea and so did her first lot of sewing with more left overs.

Icad 60

Victoria (6) Icad 60

Icad 61:
Our final cards!! Mine used up more scraps, including some of the resin paper, I really love the texture that it gave to the piece, though I am not sure if it is that visible on the left hand side. When I found the words I felt especially clever!! Victoria went through my collage box and grabbed out some scraps, diving on the last part of the adhesive ribbon stuff that I have had lying about for ages.

Icad 61

Victoria (6) Icad 61

And that is the last of our cards!  I have loved doing this challenge with Victoria, I am so proud with the fact that my daughter has remained focussed on finishing, when she can be a most distracted child sometimes.  It would be very cool if she does it with me next year and to see the progression of her cards, and what she is drawn to.

I will be back very soon (the plan is today), with a summary post, with final words from both of us and some images of our entire collections!  :)

Thank you all for your comments and feedback, they have meant the world to both of us.  I particularly want to thank Tammy for her gracious hosting as always.  It is such a valuable exercise, though I will get more into that in my final post.

Last full week of index cards

We are now on the home stretch!!  This was the last full week of index cards.

Not long to go now.  I am so, so proud of my girl-child for sticking with this.

I would also like to thank everyone especially for the kind comments that are left for her, she reads and luxuriates all of them, and I am pretty sure that is one of her most motivating factors!  :)  She has even had me read some of them out to her grandfather to illustrate her growing fame!!  (Plenty of modesty on those shoulders! :D)

Here are our cards for the week:

Icad 50:
I was playing with circles and scrap paper, while Victoria saw birds in love. (To be honest she did this card a couple of weeks ago and then she misplaced it, we found it this week much to her delight!)

Icad #50

Victoria (6) Icad #50
Victoria (6)

Icad 51:
I was playing with the scraps from yesterday’s card and some circles that did not make it into the mix. I prefer this card, I love that you can see the packaging stamp on the gift bag I cut up and that you can see part of the advertising for the theatre’s seasonal programme I have been using as well. The papers have both been used on a lot of cards this year! The book text was left out for some reason and when I saw it, it seemed right for the card given it came out of the previous card. Victoria cur up some cardstock and pieced it back together.

Icad #51

Victoria (6) Icad #51
Victoria (6)

Icad 52:
I realised last week with my flowers that I had stuffed up the design somewhat so I was not done playing with them yet. This still was not quite what I had in mind! :) Victoria made a bunny with a stencil she has and then added on some decorations around the rabbit.

Icad #52

Victoria (6) Icad #52
Victoria (6)

Icad 53:
I was still playing with the flowers and still not happy. Victoria was exploring heart connections. :)

Icad #53

Victoria (6) Icad #53
Victoria (6)

Icad 54:
I was playing with scraps and Victoria dug out her watercolours.

Icad #54

Victoria (6) Icad #54
Victoria (6)

Icad 55:
I cheated with this one, I was about to throw my burnt incense sticks in the bin and then wondered if I could use them on a card, I saw a clothes line and couldn’t find background papers I wanted so I painted some background paper to use on this card. I do feel a bit bad about it, but I love the background more. :) Victoria was seeing watercolour rainbow trees and cloud hearts.

Icad #55

Victoria (6) Icad #55
Victoria (6)

Icad 56:
I was using up more scraps in my collage box (including the face which was a quick lesson for my boy child on using inktense pencils), and Victoria inked up her fingers and created a family with their dog. The family is loosely based on us, and I notice the boy is unnamed. She has some problems when she discovered that the honorific for a young boy is Master, and after making us prove it to her via the dictionary and google (which is apparently more reliable than my dictionary!), she clearly decided to leave him blank, though I did suggest to her that she could just use “Mr.” as well. She was not happy that her brother have “Mr.” either when he is “just a child like her and she has to have “Miss.”, I personally adore that she even went to that place!!

Icad #56

Victoria (6) Icad #56
Victoria (6)

I am linking up over at Tammy’s where she has recently announced another prompt challenge about to begin after ICAD ends.

To see mine or Victoria’s other index cards you can go here.

I hope you are all have a fantastic weekend!

More index cards to show

Getting closer to the finish line and pleasingly up to date!  :)  It is a good feeling to actually finish a challenge and I have learnt a lot from this one of using only collage.  Like that I really like paint.  Also that I much prefer the collages that I make with my own painted papers.  Both useful things to know!  I did cheat on one of the cards this week by putting in some pen dots for eyes, but I did not like the eyeless look and the eyes I cut out looked wrong.

Victoria is still doing them as well, although her attention to them has gotten smaller and smaller, which is the opposite of what I thought would happen while she is on holidays.  Though I am still mightily impressed that she is still doing these mostly self-directed, I have only had to ask her once or twice if she is working on an index card today. Though this week she asked me how many more days until the end, so I think the novelty is wearing off!  :)

Icad 43:

I utilised my stone obsession with my resin paper and luminous paper I made.  I showed Victoria the pop out hearts for a friend’s birthday card and she decided to do it on her index card as well.

Icad #43Me

Victoria (6) Icad #43Victoria (6)

Icad 44:

I was using up the scraps from my collage box while Victoria was still seeing rainbows. :)

Icad #44Me

Victoria (6) Icad #44Victoria (6)

 Icad 45:

I thought I would try a matryoshka doll design I have been thinking about since ICAD began this year, and Victoria was playing with shiny metallics.

Icad #45Me

Victoria (6) Icad #45Victoria (6)

Icad 46:

I was inspired by this card of Tammy’s, while Victoria cut out a circle from one index card and used it to colour in circles on this index card.

Icad #46Me

Victoria (6) Icad #46Victoria (6)

Icad 47:

I was playing with circles of my gelatin prints while Victoria played with a gelatin print of a ginkgo leaf, and her original stencil card from above.
Icad #47Me

Victoria (6) Icad #47Victoria (6)

Icad 48:

I was using up scraps, and so was Victoria!  :)
Icad #48Me

Victoria (6) Icad #48Victoria (6)

Icad 49:

I was playing with the matryoshka doll idea again (where their eyeless state disturbed me), while Victoria was inspired by Schnitzel von Krumm with a very low tum.

Icad #49Me

Victoria (6) Icad #49Victoria (6)

I hope everyone is having a creatively-filled weekend. :)

This week’s index cards

Another week down!  :)  We have had some cold germs in the house this week, so some days have been more slap dash than others but we have a full set of cards still!  :)  A couple of times Victoria has come scouting around my cards collecting discarded rubbish that also has the bonus of using up more of my paper hoardings so I have encouraged that, I also really like seeing how she puts things together.

Icad #36:
I was finally getting back to exploring cityscapes, and Victoria was doing something that is incredibly rare at the moment…declaring love for her brother, as well as us, her teacher, friends, dogs, frogs and rainbows. I wonder if she had realised that she had not done the cat whether her brother would have made it on to the card!

Icad #36

Victoria (6) Icad #36
Victoria (6)

Icad #37:
I was catching fish and Victoria was spotting rainbows in the clouds.

Icad #37

Victoria (6) Icad #37
Victoria (6)

Icad #38:
I was playing with birds and my homemade paper again, and Victoria saw potential in the cut outs.

Icad #38

Victoria (6) Icad #38
Victoria (6)

Icad #39:
I was seeing mountain ranges (and using up the paper right in front of me), and Victoria was celebrating the fact that she has been to two parties in the last week at Laughalots, which is an indoor playground set up with all sorts of wonders like giant forts, ball pits and rides.

Icad #39

Victoria (6) Icad #39
Victoria (6)

Icad #40:
I was collaging fruit while Victoria was feeling double love (but not for her brother and still no mention for the cat!) :)

Icad #40

Victoria (6) Icad #40
Victoria (6)

Icad #41:
I played with cityscapes again, and Victoria saw castles and rainbows.

Icad #41

Victoria (6) Icad #41
Victoria (6)

Icad #42:
I saw a tree with handmade luminous paper and painted tissue paper, while Victoria found a bit of cut out paper I had used as a stencil and made a claim.

Icad #42

Victoria (6) Icad #42
Victoria (6)

I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend and is a lot warmer than we are at the moment!  :)

This week’s index cards

Before I start chatting about this week’s cards, I am going to spammily remind you that I have a giveaway going over here at the moment to win a copy of the latest Daisy Yellow zine.  Also a BIG, HUGE thank you to those who have shared and entered.  I had this fear that I would have only a few entries and I am beyond thrilled at the response and sharing!!

Now for the cards!!  Another week done!  I am loving watching Victoria’s card collection grow.  I honestly never expected her to still be going, she is very easily distracted at the best of times, but she really loves this practice and is talking about doing this after July, so we will see.  They will certainly be a treasure to look back on when she is much older.  A representation of what mattered to her right now, especially as this week she put a few lists into the mix!  :)  I also love how free she is with her cards, no expectations at all, she is just grabbing a card, deciding on her medium and then boom.  No second guessing or judging her efforts.

I have also done my favourite card of all time in this week’s collection and it came together so unexpectedly and serendipitously.  Now I want to explore the idea further. This may be the magic moment of my own challenge to only use collage and no paint or other media.

ICAD #29:
I played with strips and flowers, while Victoria played with some paint and markers.

Icad #29

Victoria (6) Icad #29
Victoria (6)

ICAD #30:
I played with shapes and pattern. Victoria’s card began as an eye and she made a mistake and was a bit upset about it, but I told her I saw quite a cool fish , and then she saw it as well and the eye became a fish (which inspired me later in the week much to her delight).

Icad #30

Victoria (6) Icad #30
Victoria (6)

ICAD #31:
I wanted to capture some images and memories from my childhood, the images on this card came from atlases we had as children that I am now altering . Victoria played with some washi tape that we received as part of out art goodies we won with Summer of Color and the materials directly in front of her.

Icad #31

Victoria (6) Icad #31
Victoria (6)

ICAD #32:
I found some old paint skins and then saw the shape of a bird when I was trying to decide whether to keep the skins or throw them out. Victoria was playing with Summer of Color colours with grey clouds, and pink rain on a pink car.

Icad #32

Victoria (6) Icad #32
Victoria (6)

ICAD #33:
I was inspired by Victoria’s fish card she did earlier in the week and Victoria began playing with words on her cards (and put me in a very happy mood!! :D)

Icad #33

Victoria (6) Icad #33
Victoria (6)

ICAD #34:
I was playing with materials directly in front of me while the girl-child was a lot busier. Victoria used more words: lollies, lollipops, marshmellows, hubba bubba, circle lollies, mints, clearly she had sugar on her mind!! ‘Ono’ is Maori (our indigenous language in NZ) for 6, which she has also written, as well as rainbows, hearts and animals. An interesting insight into her mind!! :)

Icad #34

Victoria (6) Icad #34
Victoria (6)

ICAD #35:
This is my favourite card of all time at the moment. I pulled out some bits out of my collage box I am using to see if anything inspired me, and I noticed the scrap of a gelatin print looked a bit like a bird. I put some leftover luminous paper on one side of the background, and when I went to cut out the other side with the scrap I had left, I loved the reflection of the bird image from what I had just cut around, and the layering of transparent paper. I LOVE this card! I want to play with this style of collage some more at some stage.

Victoria made a list of what is fun to her right now. The card reads: Fun – Tag; hide and seek; playing with my brother (she must have called a truce in that moment!!); playing with my Mum; playing with my Dad; playing Operation (the board game); art and drawing; singing and dancing.

Icad #35

Victoria (6) Icad #35
Victoria (6)

And that is us, now into July, where has this year gone???

I hope everyone had a fabulous week and is having a fabulous weekend.

Week 4 on our index card journey

I can’t believe it is 4 weeks already.  I am also surprised my daughter is still doing it, though admittedly with varying shades of energy! It has become something of a routine however after school.  Afternoon tea, index card, homework.  On the days we don’t have afterschool activities anyway.

Having seen her card featured over here, she is feeling the joy of being a famous artist, which I think has also inspired her to keep going. She actually asked me today while she was doing her card what I thought her fans might want to see her do. I suggested she keep painting what is in her heart and her fans would be most satisfied!?! (Also God forbid the diva she will be if she ever does become famous!!!) As it happens I think my rainbow girl is made of rainbows at the moment. They are appearing on everything!

Here are our cards for this week.

Icad 22:
I was working with textures and shades of white and my girl child was busy cutting up magazines on her search for colour and pattern.

Shades of White #1Me

Victoria (6) Icad 22
Victoria (6)

Icad 23:
I was seeing pink, and Victoria was cutting up old work to fit onto an index card…a sparkly symbol of who she is.

Icad 22

Victoria (6) Icad 23
Victoria (6)

Icad 24:
I grabbed a handful of scraps from my table, while Victoria traced an image from her Christmas Activity Book that she has been working through for the past week, as well as doing her index cards!

Icad 24

Victoria (6) Icad 24
Victoria (6)

Icad 25:
I created some luminous paper and did some paper weaving (the tutorial for the next two cards of mine was featured over at Tammy’s site here!! Here is my squealing excitable joy at being a famous artist! :D It is also clear the apple did not fall far from this tree.), and Victoria played with the neocolor IIs as she made another rainbow (she also found the missing red neocolor I, the red strip that did not dissolve!). :)

Icad 25

Victoria (6) Icad 25
Victoria (6)

Icad 26:
Here is my other paper weaving card featured in the tutorial above, and Victoria was still seeing rainbows.

Icad 26

Victoria (6) Icad 26
Victoria (6)

Icad 27:
I had some scraps from trimming the paper weaving cards which I used up on this card, and Victoria received some embellishments in the mails from a close family friend and decided some of the flowers would be perfect on an index card.

Icad 27

Victoria (6) Icad 27
Victoria (6)

Icad 28:
I was playing with a leaf pattern, (with potential for it to be a feather), and Victoria did…..a rainbow (I know shock of the century!!) :D She also did her and I on either side of the rainbow. She was mixing up the colours for our eyes for a good 10 minutes trying to get it exactly right. Adding a bit more colour and then looking into my eyes and comparing it. Very focussed!

Icad 28

Victoria (6) Icad 28
Victoria (6)

May you all have a bright week filled with rainbow magic! :)