And the winner is


Lisa Taunton.

Congratulations. :) Please shoot me an email to so I can give your email to Connie!! 

Thank you all for the kind comments you left on that post. I have been quite nervous about releasing that into the world and how it would be received. Your comments meant a lot.


Celebrating my 300th post with a giveaway!!

This was actually entirely coincidental but we will call it fate.  300 posts feels like it needs a celebration.

So as luck would have it I have a giveaway.  And quite a spectacular giveaway.  :)

As I announced here, I am teaching at the new session of 21 Secrets, which gets sent to people in less than a week!!!!  And I have a place to give away to one of you.

If you have not signed up yet then this is another chance to win, and if you have, then if you win, you can be refunded.

The class I was going to teach and the one I envisaged originally was called Fly Baby Fly. However as I worked through the prompts I supplied for the class (because as it happens we teach what we most need to learn!), it became apparent to me really clearly that I was skipping a step.  And before I even contemplate flying I needed to build the wings, and that changed the class.

And me.

So now the class is Building our wings.  And I am madly excited about it.  I love what I ended up with.  Here are the photos first of all…

Building your wings

Building your wings

Even now I cannot believe I created this spread.  I love it.  LOVE IT.

I have extra videos on creating some of the mixed media papers you see that I have used to build the wings feather by feather!!

Building your wings

Building your wings

Building your wings

This spread means so much to me, and I truly hope for the people that take the class that they get something out of it…even if just a new art technique or are inspired to try something else and expand on what I have given. That would thrill me. It was such a nerve-wracking labour of love. Especially when I decided to rewrite what I was going to do. But it felt right and so I went with it.

Before we fly we need to build those wings. And I literally did…feather by feather!! Thrills me. Imagine a little squeal and dance right now!

I am not normally a page planner but I did for this, although it ended up a little bit different than how I saw it.  Though I love the direction it went in. The only thing that would be more perfect is that people would be inspired by it!

So.  This is what my class will do.  And as for the giveaway, leave a comment underneath this post and I will enter you in the draw.  It would also be super lovely if you shared the giveaway news.  But you don’t have to go through 5 billion hoops or like pages that don’t call for you to like already.

It is only a short timeframe and I will draw the winner on 31 March 10am PST time.  If you don’t leave your email with your comment then please make sure you check back here to my blog to find out the winner, other wise I will not be able to contact you.

Just to refresh your memory on why you want to join there are 20 other AMAZING teachers who I am honoured and a little intimidated to be inspiring people with, whose classes all sound beyond amazing.  Just look, but make sure you leave the comment here!!

Good luck and spread the news pretty please.   :)

Announcing the GIVEAWAY WINNERS!!!

I am very excited to announce the winners of the zine I was ACTUALLY published in (note how I so carefully slipped that in so unassuming like!!!!!) :D.

I do feel a bit like a grown up using the random,org links like on the other proper blogs, and taking screen captures.  It was all fabulously exciting for me (yes, this is possibly an indication of my life at the moment)!

Just to remind you that this was the fabulousness you could have won.  If you are interested you can find out about how to buy it over here.  Tammy also has all the back issues available which are all fabulously inspiring (I know because I have the entire collection).

1301zine08coverSOOOO…..Drum roll please…

Without further ado…..the winners are:

Capture 1

Capture 2Congratulations to both TextileRecycler and Maya Zaido!!!!!!

I have emailed both of the winners to let them know.  :)

Thank you everybody else for entering and for all the lovely comments and sharing.


I announced here last week that I contributed an article to the latest Daisy Yellow zine. It is with MUCH excitement that I get to announce that Tammy of Daisy Yellow has offered TWO copies of her latest Zine for me to give away over here!!!!!

I know!  Excitement abounds around here at the moment! (hence all the exclamation marks). :)

In the article I talk about when the page stops talking to you, and discuss the process of making this journal page.
After The following is completely ripped from Tammy’s post about the zine:

1301zine08cover15 pages of Articles + Inspiration + Art: ♥ Learning a New Medium ♥ When the Page Stops Talking to You {by mixed media artist Natasha White} ♥ Pattern Work-Out ♥ Feed Your Imagination ♥ Embrace Imperfection {by author Rabia Gale} ♥ 7 Kick-Start Art Journal Prompts ♥ Building a Collection of Ephemera and Papers for Collage and Art Journaling ♥ Blogging Topics for Creatives ♥

It is a digital zine, which means you can read it STRAIGHT AWAY, and purchase options are available on Tammy’s site here, which also gives you access to her previous zines, I have all of them and highly recommend them!  They are jam packed with juicy colour, prompts, ideas, tutorials and interesting articles.

So…how to win this fabulousness I hear you ask.

There will obviously be two winners, each winning a copy of Issue 8.

If you have already purchased the zine, then Tammy will refund you.

All you have to do to be in to win is comment on this post.  Easy peasy, no other rings to jump through.  I would really, really appreciate it if you could share the giveaway news around your networks, but there is no requirement to do so of course.

Entry will close at midnight next Friday (12th July USA PST time), and I will randomly draw the winners next Saturday 13th July.  If you don’t leave your contact details in the comment box where it says email, then please check back here to find out if you win, otherwise I will contact you about the happy news if I can!

So, please, please comment below!!!  I am so filled with nervous excitement.

A HUGE thank you to Tammy for the generous offer for me to do this.

Good luck to all!!!! :)