Sunday sketches and Every Day Matters

I have been on a bit of an ear mission this week!  See here and here. I have always avoided ears, covered them up usually with hair, or just lightly indicated that they were there, but left it abstracty.

When I did attempt it last year, I completely stuffed it up and so I got so scared I never really tried again.  (Just looking at it now I cringe, though seeing where I have gotten to with some practice is very gratifying as well.)

Elements Water Page

But I finally decided to practice, and to stop procrastinating about it, because of fear.  Hence this week has been the week of the ear.  And it seemed somewhat appropriate that my sketch today should be the ear.  A part of me wishes I had done the sketch earlier, because having names for parts of the ear, helps me contextually with making sure those parts of the ear are there.  I think maybe my geeky, nerdy side.  :)

But here, for Sunday Sketches is my sketch page:

Ear Sketching

While I am here, I am also going to publish my two EDM drawings. I am so glad I decided to do this. And I can’t wait to see my improvement.

EDM #2: Draw a light or lamp
EDM #2

EDM #3: Draw a bag

EDM #3


The muse is back.

I go through cycles where I have so many things on I am crazy with creativity, and other times where I have to push myself to get things done. I always feel better when I have pushed myself, so I try to remember to push myself when I feel stuck in a stagnant swamp pit. Sometimes it takes more to cajole me than at other times.

But right now…my head is buzzing with ideas. I have inspiration everywhere and I am very grateful that the muse has decided to stay awhile. As I think about this as I type, it is generally winter when I am firing, and summer slows down for me. Which is strange because I love summer, LOVE summer, but have only recently begun to embrace winter as well, I have an uneasy relationship with the cold.

At any event, my muse has moved back in full time and I am ever grateful.

I have a couple of classes going as well that are feeding the muse, and I am grateful as I sit here for my life, ups and downs and all.

Before I get on to the art show and tell (which I have planned), I have news that I have been meaning to share all week. Last year I sent Seth Apter my information for the Pulse and at the moment he is progressing through the final portion of that. I love seeing all the different artists featured and the things that I learn or am inspired by is incredible. I always find something to spark new ideas and I am grateful he does the mammoth task of facilitating that…in between doing his own work, writing books, going on book tours, all of it.

AND, this preamble is all to share that this Sunday my photo of a still life with be featured along with a group of other artists photos. From memory I think I used my journal in between painting sheet (a bit of cardboard), a found birds nest and some metal cogs, but I took a few different photos and so maybe I only took that photo and sent something else. I was playing with the idea of the natural world combining with the man made world. What came first, the chicken or the egg sort of ideas, and I liked the image. If that is the one I am thinking of, I will see on Sunday I expect!!

So that is exciting. It always thrills me to see what other artists will be grouped with. :)

I am doing a class on faces and here is my first class drawing. The reference photo is placed beside the charcoal sketch. The original is by Georgette Chan who was a Singaporean artist.

Georgette Chan Portrait WIP

And just the portrait…

Georgette Chan Portrait WIP

There are a couple of things I am not happy about but I chose this picture for the ear…and look at that ear! I am in love with that ear. You can be thankful you did not show up to a cropped picture of just the ear! :)

I did intend to have some paint on her by now, but I was not feeling controlled patient portrait painting yesterday. So she is still naked but for charcoal. Yesterday I was feeling grumpy and pmsy, and considered running away from home. I had contemplated that everyone I lived with were existing yesterday only to irritate me, until I checked my phone for something and saw the app that made me realise I was in fact PMSy and I decided to work it all out on the canvas instead.

As an aside that app is one of the miracles of a smartphone and my interpersonal relationships. If I was a better organised person I wouldn’t need an app, but I am not, and that little countdown helps me see that it may not be just that everyone is completely unreasonable and annoying. That perhaps I need to take a deep breath and try and contain some of the intolerance and impatience I feel. And sometimes I do better than other times…a work in progress if ever there was one! :)

But suffice to say yesterday was not the day for painting portraits, so instead, in working out my annoyance on canvas rather than packing my bag to become a hermit these chaotic messes resulted.


PMS grumps

Another reason why my family can be grateful I discovered art!! :)

AND, I have decided to participate in the Everyday Matters challenge. I have been meaning to since I first read the book.  I have even started a couple of times.  And then I saw it on Tammy’s blog, and saw someone else tweet about it on Twitter, but I only started last night. I wasn’t sure about whether to show these or not, because the sketch is a bit average to say the least, but I thought I would, if only because I will be able to have a traceable record of my improvement, and frankly, not everything we do is going to be wonderful, and I certainly don’t subscribe to that, so this will be a tracking of my very real progress.

Picking the book was another exercise in procrastination. I did intend to bind one specially (part of the cause to delay my starting), and then yesterday I came across my last Moleskine that I was keeping for “good”. For that perfect project so I didn’t waste it since I have vowed to buy no more Moleskines and make my own books instead. I decided last night that I was going to use that, bad sketches or not, special project or not, because I may not ever find the right project, and more importantly than having the right book was just to start!

EDM 1: Draw a shoe

Although looking at this photo now, I see I also got the day completely wrong. I also see that it was Friday the 13th yesterday. Perhaps I will add a note about that to the sketch. I am also ever so glad I knew that yesterday was not a day for painting careful portraits!!