On my easel

As I talked about here, while I was talking about gaining clarity in one of my art pieces and how I loved that spot when you see a way forward so clearly, I was at the time staring at this piece.

I had previously spoken about my intention to get on and finish it over here, but stating that and actually doing it can be two very different things. It was out though and while I was on the phone I happened to glance at it and I saw this figure quite clearly in the background. So I grabbed my pencil and sketched out the figure I had seen before I lost her.


I wasn’t immediately sure about what next step to do, but the more I thought about it, the more I liked doing something along these lines.

So I began blocking out the background with some white.


This is where she is sitting now. I think she is nearly done, if not done. I have left her out to see if I am inspired to add anything else.

Still standing

Here a close up photo of the texture. I love it. Really love it.

Still standing close up

Any input or anything that jumps out at people is more than welcome. :)


On my easel

Yet another new series!!  :)

This is me further trying to keep myself motivated by publicly showing you what I intend to complete!

The first picture I love as a background, and maybe as a piece but there is a part of me that knows really it is unfinished but I don’t want to ruin it. However I have a photo now, so I am going to begin to take that a bit further.  I had an idea a few days ago that I want to explore.  And after all…it is just paint.  If we balls it up we can just paint over it!?

Canvas WIP

The second piece has been sitting unfinished for maybe a year?!  I got so far on it and got stuck.  Then I put some modeling paste on it and I am going to do something with this as well.  So here is what is on my easel!

Canvas WIP

They are both big canvases. And it is time for them to be finished..an d for me to actually finish some canvases as well. Rather than just dithering about with them!

Feeling stuck and sitting with it

Visual Quest WIP

This is my painting for Pixie’s online workshop.  It has been in this state for nearly a week and has not moved.  I love it at the moment, and I feel stuck about ruining it.  The energy and colours (it is more teal turquoise than the blue it seems in this photo), I like it a lot.  Too much.  I am very attached to this layer.

I know that you are meant to take a photo and then add another layer.  Begin again, but I feel a bit stuck.  Also I am not feeling inclined to force myself to add another layer (or is that too chicken).  So it sits here for now.  And I am beginning work on another canvas.

Feeling a lot like a cheat, but trusting that I will eventually find the way to finish it.

This is also, I realise, how I end up with so many unfinished pieces!!

In my sketchbook

I thought I would share some of my recent sketchbook pages today.  It is no accident that they are filled with animals given I am in the middle of Pixie’s class.

It has been an interesting process, the sketching in combination with Shamanic journeying.  It will also be interesting to see if the sketches end up coming through n my art, and in what way the practice will feed into other areas.

I am trying not to get too far ahead of myself and to keep out of my own way a bit.

Playing with colour and pattern. I am quite drawn to this earth palette at the moment.

Colour and pattern

This sketch of a slug, they have been appearing in abundance for me. Unfortunately many of them have been in my vege garden. But they have been turning up in some odd places like well like randomly from heaven on my bathroom floor?! Not entirely sexy really, but I do wonder if it is some sort of totem animal for me…and they have come up for me before like here. The gift they have to offer is quite powerful and in many ways appropriate for me so who knows!? :)

Slug Sketch

Sketches of shadowy creatures…

Shadow Sketch

This. This may be my favourite sketch. I am loving sketching with my neocolor IIs at the moment.

Crab Sketch

This fierce guide made an appearance as well, completely unexpectedly. :)

Shark Sketch

A bear popped in as well, just for a brief moment but she made a lasting impression.

Bear Sketch

Bear Sketch

It is an interesting process for me and I am trying not to interfere too much and just trust in the process. Looking up the meanings of the animals afterwards has also been filled with potential insight as well.

The scribblings are notes from my shamanic journeying or insights about the animals/creatures I wanted to note down.  It just depends what is closer on whether I reach for my sketchbook or for my journal.

Rocking this week

RYWLinking up with Virginia and the girls over here.  Come join in the gratitude sharing, it really makes a difference when you see your blessings written out.  :)

I mentioned before, but I was elected on to the Board of Trustee’s at my children’s school and then I became chair person and this week I had to run my first meeting and I was very, very nervous.  There are some amazing people on the board and I was very intimidated in case I stuffed up completely but they were all very kind and we finished on time.  I was so relieved to have the first meeting out of the way.  I have some training coming up on running effective meetings and figure things can only improve from now, so very grateful to have that first meeting over and no massive problems.  :)

{deep breath}

I got some contract work this week which I am very grateful for, but it was unexpected so I am now very busy as I have swiftly changed my plans mid-course.  It has reminded me how much I actually enjoy report writing, it is a nice complement to the creative side of me.

I am very grateful for my beloved who stepped up to the plate like a brave trouper when I had a small meltdown of overwhelm, before I got stuck in and made a list of what I had to do and began to focus.

I am also grateful for friends who tell me to open the wine when I phone them with children frustrations and they can hear the cacophony in the background.  Also that they stayed on the phone with me while I drank my glass of wine so I was not drinking alone.  :D

I was talking to my daughter’s teacher and she told me about this new thing they had just done in her house, based on something that her daughter’s teacher used in the class room. It had made her mornings easier with her children, so I went home immediately and painted it and so far more peace has been had, though it has had a few unexpected teething problems as well. Touch wood this will bring a lot more peace however, today it has gone a lot better than yesterday. Also…ka pai is Maori for good, and ka kino is Maori for not so good…in case you were wondering. :) Like a public service announcement!! haha

New reward chart for the kidlets is ready to go live! #crossingmyfingersforpeace

There was a just another giant earthquake (6.9) but thankfully I missed it and didn’t feel it on my way to get the children, so I am very grateful for that right now, as I feel much less anxious than I did last time, even with all the aftershocks.

Victoria had a playdate with a friend of hers at school, who happens to be a boy. She has been the subject of much of her brothers teasing with rhymes involving trees and kissing. She had a fantastic time though, and wrote a beautiful note that she showed me when she was finished. I love that she clarified she loved him as a friend, not anything else untoward happening there!! :)

Miss 6 had a play date yesterday and wrote a note last night. I love she clarified she only loved him as a friend after her brother's teasing all week.

My class with Pixie Campbell is going great and I have been playing with this off and on in between my contract work which is the perfect combination.

Visual Quest WIPIt is big, over half a metre and it pleases me. There is a part of me that wants to stop now before I ruin it. But I will always have the photo! :)

{Also just had another big aftershock and maybe I am not as calm as I thought I was!!}

I won this giveaway some time ago over at Sunshineshelle, and it arrived today. I have thought about it on and off but it felt rude to enquire if she hadn’t sent it, but when it arrived today I had completely forgotten so it was complete glee that I discovered what it was. I LOVE IT. Completely excited me in an insane way, she is such an amazing painter!! It is so much more amazing in person than even the photo I just noticed, stunning I tell you!

And that is me this week. I have just received some other not so rocking news, so I will say to hold your babies tight and tell them you love them.

Hope you all have a most wonderful weekend.


The last batch for Summer of Color 3

The last week!!  The last six weeks have gone so fast, I can’t believe it has been six weeks since Summer of Color began.  I am also pleased to say that it is another completed challenge!  Finally some finishing magic is entering my creative space.  :)  A huge thanks to Kristin for her gracious hosting and the mid year Christmas gift that arrived when I won the week 2 goodies.  I am most grateful.  :)

These colours were a bit of a struggle for me, they are not colours I naturally gravitate to, but I love all my pages that eventuated from this week.  I love being pushed outside of my comfort zone, and the results that happen when you just play, because you have no other direction to go in when you start.  The space where magic happens.

Here are my journal pages:

This started of with just playing. I painted a couple of layers and put made some marks with my graphitones. I threaded a silk ribbon I had in this weeks colours (a lucky find when I was looking for something else!!) through the page and when I went to put on another layer of paint I saw these two figures dancing and I decided to leave them there. I love the sense of movement and feeling from them.

Dance of Lovers

I was going to go for a vintage-y portrait with red lips, but I ended up liking her the way she came out, so I left her quite soft and almost unfinished. She felt a bit dreamy and reflective.

ReflectionThis one began a lot like the first one, and then when I began playing with a later layer of paint I was interrupted by a phone call. When I came back the angle I saw this on looked liked someone, or a child being dragged and I love the unformed nature of it, so I left it as it was. I just added a few lines for the ground and a word down in the corner which came to me as I was working on the ground.

Dragged alongNext I decided to play with some corrugated cardboard. It is something I have been wanting to do for a while, to play with all that texture, and it seemed in my head it would work great with this week’s colours.

I LOVE how this came out. Not all my ideas worked, but I enjoyed playing immensely.

Texture cityAnd because I can I am going to force you to look at the delicious texture close ups!! :) I made the flowers with tissue paper and left over silk ribbon because I thought it needed a little something else.

Texture city close up

Texture city close up

Texture city close up

Texture city close upFinally I completely forgot last week that Victoria, my wee one worked on a painting with Summer of Color and she was most disappointed when I neglected to load it last week, so to make amends and appease my mother guilt here is her work from this week. She is on a playdate at the moment, so I can’t confirm, but I am reasonably confident it was all done with my Neocolor IIs. So here is the work from my Miss 6. :)

Victoria (6) Summer of Color Portrait

Summer of Color Week 3: Purple and lime green

This is this week’s contribution to Summer of Color challenge that you can find out more about here on Kristin’s blog. The colours for this week were purple and green which I have to say were not my first choice and so this week has been a bit of a struggle, but that is part of what I like about this challenge. Can I also at this juncture say a big thank you to Kristin because I was lucky enough to win last week’s prize and the whole week has felt like I have won lotto!! I am so grateful!

Earlier this year I painted these in my art journal, as an idea for two canvases that are over a metre long that I want to hang in my kitchen. I LOVE asparagus, they represent Spring to me and the end of Winter, and when they are around, I know that my November birthday is not very far away. :)

Asparagus painting planningWhen I was contemplating what I was going to paint for this week, I saw the canvases that I had put aside for these paintings, covered in gesso and white paint but that was it. I realised there was both green and purple in these paintings so that is what I decided to do.

These are the work in progress as they stand now. I plan on making the stalks longer and painting out the drips. I am not entirely happy with them but will work on them more this week.  (Also I left in shots of my floor as mentioned in this post! :))

Art WIP and my floor!!!

Asparagus #2 WIP

While I have had these paintings on the go I also did a couple of journal pages.

Miracles all around us

Bird SongThe journaling on this spread reads:
Sometimes she could only listen to the birds song to find peace amongst the other life noise.

I have another couple of pages half started but I could not get them to work, so they will sit until I know where they are going! :) I hope everyone has had a fabulous weekend, and I look forward to getting around the other participants and seeing how they used the colours this week. :)