About Me

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I am a painter, seeker, adventurer, lover and mother, living the best life I can in New Zealand.

What seems like eons ago I was on a very different pathway as a lawyer and academic researcher.  I am  truly grateful I rediscovered how vital paint is to the telling of my story and how much it grounds me and brings me back to myself.  I can’t imagine ever living a life without paint ever again.  Right now I am particularly called to my art journal and the many half-finished canvases that surround me.

Art journaling is especially important to me, giving me a safe space to process thoughts and emotions through to a playground where I can meander and experiment to my own delight.  I am endlessly  inspired by the world around me, but most especially by the ocean and rainbows.

Paint grounds me and acts as my meditation practice in a way that nothing else achieves for me and I try to paint or create every day.  I am massively inspired by the raw storytelling of Emily Karaka, Frida Kahlo, Picasso, Ralph Hotere and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Why the naff blog domain http://defineyourjoy.com???  Because when I first started blogging (thankfully for you all my early posts (AKA drivel) have been deleted), I had no idea who I was anymore, or even what brought me joy. This journey I am on started for me by figuring out who I actually was and what the heck brought me joy (and conversely what didn’t).  Without knowing how to define my joy then how can I possibly live it?

I think that one of the absolute advantages of connecting with people online is discovering that there are other people out there that get you, and who fall in love with the same quirky things as you, who see the way the light glows and glimpse magic in that moment.

That is why I do this.show up and do this.