Come in…

I was asked to participate in a virtual blog tour by the wildly spirit-inspiring Cynthia who I met online while doing Big with Connie Hozvicka.  I was then asked again for the same day by the multi-talented Jeanie who I met while doing Deep with the same Connie Hozvicka

So, here I am inviting you in to my little virtual tour behind the scenes in my own messy creative life.

I will admit I did get a little nervous at the questions (do I even have a genre…it seems like such a grown up question!). But here are my answers as best as I can give them right now.

The questions were:

  1. What am I working on?  
  2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?
  3. Why do I write/create what I do?
  4. How does your writing/creating process work?

So without any further rambling, here are my answers :)

What am I working on?

I wish this was only one thing, how much easier this answer would be but I have so many balls in the air right now.  I have some non-creative work that I am working on and is demanding a fair bit of my time at the moment.  As well as that, I am behind on a few online courses that I am trying to catch up on.

I am trying to teach myself to paint with a palette knife. Trying been the operative word:

Palette knife wip

I have been busy with making postcards:

Mail art wip

Playing with charcoal:

Charcoal sketch

Reflecting, planning and organising in relation to how to achieve my creative goals:

Planner reflection

Using up my postcard scraps on an idea for another piece:

Art piece wip

Reading my bookclub book and trying to develop an online course on tarot cards that I have had a brainwave on.

Planning an ebook on texture making…

In fact writing all this has made me realise why I feel so scattered and all over the place right now. Because I am! There is a lot spread out over my table at the moment, literally so I am going to need to pare back and refocus.  I will put that on my to-do list. :)

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Honestly…what is the genre? Creating in general??  This is the question that scared me.  What I would hope is that what makes all my stuff different is me.  I made them, and I could go through all the guff about been raw, expressive, and intuitive, and heart-centered, and self-aware, but really, to keep it all real, what makes it all different from anyone else’s stuff is that I made it, as opposed to them making their stuff.  That feels like a lazy answer though, but the more I have pondered it, the more I come back to the fact that my work is different from the work of anyone else because I did it.

Why do I create what I do?

That is how I play and practice self-care, how I process things that are going on for me and really because at the end of the day it keeps me sane and I think it makes me a better person to be around.  And I want to.  I create what I do because that is what I have been inspired to create as I have been inspired or intrigued by what I find down the rabbit hole.

How does my creative process work?

Morning pages for the organisation of thoughts and flashes of inspiration (though at the moment it is honestly more sporadic than it should be…if I am confessing to the truth though it is at least four times a week), lists and routines support the creative work to actually happen and make it a priority in amongst everything else, and then doing the work, because nothing else gets it done other than pulling out what you need and actually doing it, as opposed to thinking about doing it or writing about doing it.

I have a creative to-do list and if I am stuck (not that I can remember that happening any time lately) I could find something on there to do, or I have an ideas and planning book and sometimes I just go through my sketchbook and see something I wanted to play with a bit more.

Where the inspiration comes from is infinite, but the actual process is really just the doing.  Ideas can hit me anywhere, in the shower or out on a walk, in my morning pages or my idea and inspiration journal.  But the idea is only part of it.  The other is always the doing.

Taking action, starting, pulling out the paints or the charcoal or whatever it is I need and doing it.  In whatever time I have available, hence the organising and scheduling is a big part of my process as well, and deadlines.  I work well to deadlines even if I am the only one making them up and enforcing them.

And that is all really.

Three people will continue the tour on their blogs next Monday:

Wendy has been messing around with something ‘arty’ since childhood, has always been able to squeeze in time to explore some new creative venture, but still hasn’t managed to settle on one thing . . . she’s not unhappy at the prospect of remaining a mucker for life, living on a beach on the wildish west coast of the North Island of Aotearoa/New Zealand. You can find her at Late Start Studio.

Patricia Dattoma is on a creative journey to find & explore her own voice as an artist,  after many years of teaching art to young teens in inner NYC. She is inspired by the grittiness of NYC (her hometown)& her love of the American Southwest. She believes in the power of creating something everyday. You  can find her at Magenta Matters.

Carmen is a mixed media, colour loving, illustrative, arting, zombie loving creative in the UK who inspires me on my own creative journey.  She is busy in the thick of life but is always supportive and finds time to work on so many swaps and collaborations, I don’t know how she manages it all. You can find her at Whoopidoings.




12 thoughts on “Come in…

  1. I’m a little nervous about the questions too but I do love your responses. I’m loving all the things you have going on. Your palette knife work looks like it’s coming on so well, I wouldn’t even know where to start there and I love the softness of your charcoal pieces.

    Thank you for your lovely words about me. Chaos is the truth. I live in chaos.

  2. I have never tried to use a palette knife to paint (make mental note to give it a go . . . it’s something new for this mucker to try). And an e-book eh? Cool! I’m a bit like Carmen, wondering about answering the questions how ever they’ll really make me focus which is always a good thing for a mucker like me. I have another noho at Te Korkiri this weekend . . . can’t wait! I think the results could well feature in my blog or maybe my ten completed postcards!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing!

    I recently started playing around with charcoal. ( and then life got busy. need to pick that up again) and I love using different tools to make marks with.

    I don’t think you answer about genre is lazy. The very thing that makes all of us unique is that we are telling our story through whatever we do. No one will ever tell the same story. pretty cool.

    and I love that creating is about self-care. So true. so true. yes.

    looking forward to that e-book on creating texture!!! squeee!!!

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  5. bloglovin’ is not my friend.

    this was so wonderful…to have a wee peep through your creative windows! i love what you said about what makes your work different….so true….we could do something exactly the same as another person, but it wouldn’t be…because of our soul-stamp. i so very much believe this is true. which is why i get annoyed with the people that get annoyed with “copying”. lol


    ps. i LOVE charcoal. if i could have only one drawing tool, it would be charcoal. yum.

  6. Love your answers, Natasha!! I understand the nervousness…wondering how to answer that genre question myself ! Ahhh..palette knives are challenging but so much fun! You can get some really cool effects by applying multi colors on one swipe. Love that painting you got going there! “Taking action…” Yes, that is the key, the doing! Love it! Xo

  7. I love the pretty fish postcard, I hope you’re getting some good mail these days Natasha? And how fun to read your answers to these questions. You’re blogging like crazy again, it’s awesome to see/read!

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