Tell me kingfisher

#weeklyreflections in my #artjournal this week.

This photo was taken before the journaling and reflection part and the photo looks a bit weird to me looking at it now as though half of the page is missing somewhat.

Just before I began working on this page I saw a kingfisher on our back boundary fence that backs on to the bush. I have seen quite a few birds there over the years, but never a kingfisher before so I was quite excited. It stayed for only a minute once I came upon it, but when I saw this kingfisher sticker while searching for words and pictures for the page it seemed right.

In my writing for this week I have the meaning of the kingfisher (I looked it up in my Ted Andrews books). He said the kingfisher is a sign of peace and prosperity, and the promise of abundance, (my word of the year *gasp*), about to unfold within my life. The kingfisher has an ability to stimulate new opportunities for prosperity which often requires one to dive headlong into some activity.

So relevant for some of the ideas percolating in my head at the moment and I took it as a sign to keep going! :D Though I wonder sometimes whether my signs are in fact signs or I am reading a whole lot into just seeing a kingfisher for instance, but whatever motivates or encourages I say.

I have felt really focused and organised lately. I have plans written down, and steps to get there with deadlines attached. I am doing my morning pages (most mornings), and I feel on track, which is a good feeling I have to say. Taking real action each day certainly feels like more than floundering, which I have done a fair bit of in the past and have no desire to go back there.

Reading the Austin Kleon books and now reading Jennifer Lee’s latest book are leading me to some realisations about where I am going and even more important to taking some practical real steps to get there.


3 thoughts on “Tell me kingfisher

  1. How wonderful to see a kingfisher – definitely a sign! Great page, I really like how you use word/phrase snippings – it’s so effective.

  2. I believe in signs so much! I love your page!
    I am sorry I haven’t been around! I lost you. Saw that you had commented on my blog earlier, so now I have found you again ;o) Hugs ;o)

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