Truth card #5

Truth card #5 (before)

I am not sure if I should be doing these cards when I have no clear idea about what to do with them and no clear intention.  This week I was doing this because I have committed to it, but I wonder if that is the right frame of mind to be doing them in.  But then it got done and it probably wouldn’t have otherwise.

In amongst the autumn school holidays and other planning and reading going on I was getting this done because it need to be done.  Maybe that will be one of the good things to look back on this deck when it is finished.  Creating even when I wasn’t in the mood.  Doing it anyway.  Who knows…maybe this is all navel gazing!  :)

I did start off with a general idea of painterly turquoisey teal and white because turquoise is one of my strength colours but after I got the first layer down I felt like white lines with some acrylic ink and then some darker lines for some contrast and then we were mostly done apart from a bit of red splashed about.

Truth card #5 (after)Done enough to supervise packing for our weekend away and done enough to post.  :)

I am however going to reprint that text I think and add it back it in, I got a bit lost in my line making and went over the words and I am not happy with how that looks.

We will see how I feel after a couple of days away.  It may not bother me enough when I get back!  I suspect it will, but maybe not…

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend, filled with connection and whatever else brings you joy.



3 thoughts on “Truth card #5

  1. You might not have been ‘in the mood’ for creativity but it found you anyway – this is a great card. Have a wonderful weekend away!

  2. This is what I admire about you (one of the things) is that you create anyway. I can go days and not and then I am a grump because it’s always there in my head but I prioritise other things. Trivial things. A habit I’m trying to break.

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend away.

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