Lost Girl Diaries

Lost Girl Diaries zine

I have written and rewritten this post and it does not seem to do these justice, so bear in mind that they are better than what I am about to say.

I was going to include these in one of the Inspiring me links but it didn’t seem enough. I found Mel when she was still in a drafty garret (:)), some time ago and have quietly stalked her.  I loved her words and her finding her way through the muddle of it all.  She led me to interesting people and connections and discoveries and her honestly in her words spoke to me.

Last year she began doing this zine and I decided to stop just stalking her and to step out a little and it is one of the best things I did last year.  Towards the end of last year I went through a quiet hibernation that involved some regrouping and refocusing, and these brought light into that space for me.

Lost Girl Diaries zine

These are crafted with her heart on the pages,  Her stories (delicious serials that extend over issues and sadden you when they end.  Poetry and invites to write your own poetry and prompts and images to inspire you and make you laugh.

Honestly the joy you feel when you even noticed a personal message to you…

Lost Girl Diaries zine

I am very grateful for them, and for the connection they gave me, to myself and the wider world as well.

They are not light-hearted at the expense of substance and are raw and expressive in all the best of ways.  They are very “old-school zine” in nature, you do feel like you are holding written treasure in a way that is not common in this digital age.  They remind me of how we used to paste together bits and pieces when I was little.

Issue IV  made me sob while I journaled and wrote. I felt some stuff come up!  :) Permission to feel anger and rage is quite transforming when you are not suppressing it.  Though they are not all heavy with thinkings and musings and emotions either, there are wildly deranged and hilarious moments as well.  And little gems like this:

Lost Girl Diaries zine

I can’t say enough how much I love these. I am so grateful that Mel followed her heart’s preference and shared these because they need to be shared.  They are bursting with whispers and giggles and extraordinary activities and dangerous thoughts.  I have a notebook set aside (because I need another excuse for a notebook!) just for the writings that she inspires.

I couldn’t think of a better way to share how much they meant to me without sharing some of the words they have provoked as well.  Raw and unfinished and some make no sense, but they are written down snippets of things that came up while I was reading and responding to prompts and thoughts.

I feel like I need to explain and justify them but I am going to be brave and not do that.  They are my words. Full stop.

For more snippets provided by Mel and for information on the zines full stop you can go here.

Detrius of living

Stories of a life

Remnants of me


You are good at words of love

But your love injures

Wounds. Eventually. Always.


Forgiveness is hiding

Elusive in the hunt

It sneaks in the dark corners


What is real?

You see a me

They see a me

I see a me


Summer Tuesday

Sticky Toffee

Cherries on ice


If I was nicer

They would like me again

But I wouldn’t

Does it matter?


She tried to forget

Because only if she forgot

Could she forgive

But she is an elephant


In the darkness and silence

I felt my way

To the edge of myself

So I could find my way

To the centre


The last cicada

I notice the silence

When did the hum finish

Autumn is here

One sounds lonely

And knowing

You can see her here talking about behind the zines:

And this helped give me the courage to post my words today:


6 thoughts on “Lost Girl Diaries

  1. oh my effing GEEEE.

    bloglovin’ has been arsing me about and i’m all behind in my reading.


    just. fecking. wow. <—trying not to make big happy swears in your space. :)

    you have simply blown the doors off me. i am so humbled…truly…lacking words again.


    thank you, beautiful soul. you are an incredible gift to me…i'm glad you came out of stalkerdom (lol)…so that i could have the honour of knowing you.


    ps. i'm going to share the ever-lovin' crap out of this post. just because. :) xo

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