Possibilities abound as do bunnies.

#weeklyreflections in my #artjournal. Such an important tool in my arsenal.


The page this week is on a serviette from our Easter Sunday Lunch.  Our host had saved them from a trip to the USA long ago and they felt like treasure and love, so I made the children share one and stole one to use! :)

So many plans have been made and ideas written down.  Goals and dreams put in the planner and dates put with the goals.  It seems like a whole lot of forward momentum.

It also makes me aware that not so long ago I was procrastinating away my life because I didn’t know where to start.  The realisation that I had already started so I could in fact just jump into the middle is freedom indeed when you are unsure when to jump and where to begin and whether you are doing it right.

Just jump I say.  It has also made me very aware of my own productive cycles.  Clearly Autumn and Winter are my most fertile periods of creativity, even if I just check back through this blog, though I am a lover of Spring and Summer.  My night and day.  I am coming up with deadlines and plans to see me past winter and make sure I don’t meander too far from this path.

I am jumping into the middle and doing at least one thing every day towards my goals. Sometimes much, much more, but one thing every day.  My planner has never been used so well.  I am in it every single day!  I feel like a grown up.  :)



4 thoughts on “Possibilities abound as do bunnies.

  1. Natasha, you & I seem to be on very similar artistic paths right now. Your recent posts have resonated with me deeply – the “dots” you spoke of the other day, wow, I totally got that! And this one, yes, these planners, the messages, it’s all so juicy for our respective creative journeys! You are so right about jumping in…no matter where you are. My New Year’s promise to myself was just that & Lisa Sonora Beam’s 30 days of journaling pushed me into high gear. Keep doing what you are doing! Very inspiring work & words!

    By the way, I love that the Bunny napkin came from over/up here! 😃

  2. Brilliant page (love that you made the kids share so you could have one, haha!).

    I seem to shut down creatively during summer – the garden calls to me, family holidays happen with the before and after chaos, and there always seems to be more going on. I struggle to get going again.

    I am LOVING that you are being so creative right now and I look forward to reading your blog posts :)


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