Teacup Pincushion Tutorial

This is what you call procrastinating about doing the laundry.

A while ago my dog ate my pincushion (she lived and managed to eat no pins, just my felted glorious handmade pin cushion I bought at a craft fair) and since then my pins have been in a little crockery bowl waiting for me to get another pin cushion and pricking me everytime I needed a pin.  I really wanted one of those tea cup ones because I saw some somewhere, but I hadn’t seen any to buy and I thought that it would be a bit beyond my sewing skills if I am honest, and I am a procrastinator too.

It turns out I can do it, and you surely could as well if I can.  I had my camera out and so I snapped photos while I was making it…because it is not procrastinating if it is for the blog!  HAHAHA (sort off).

While I was in the laundry I noticed in the laundry cupboard a small cup that I was given but had no use for, and so had stored there out of the way.  I had this sudden brainwave it could become THE pincushion in my head and so the laundry was forgotten and I went with my vision as a bit of an experiment to see if it would work. [SPOILER…it did hence you are seeing all these photos!!]

First I grabbed some material. You can’t see it in this photo but it is very cut into, goodness knows what projects I used it for but I figured I had enough for a circle.

Tuorial 1 For the inside you could use some of that soft toy stuff, but I didn’t have any so I used some felting wool that I was not likely to use, and I was wanting to get rid off. Tutorial 2 Also you need a cup. If I had known this was going to work I would have grabbed a prettier cup but I am happyish with it. Tutorial 3 I grabbed a compass and drew a circle that fit the fabric and cut it out…you can see I am not the most precise cutter outer. Tutorial 4 You then grab needle and thread and do what I think is called running stitch. Tutorial 5 You go around the whole edge of the circle: Tutorial 6 You will be pulling either end of the thread to gather it up a bit like this: Tutorial 7 Then you stuff it: Tutorial 8 Pull the threads tight, and like magic you have a little ball. Bear in mind this fabric ball will have to fit inside your cup so take that into account in measuring the circle. Thankfully it is soft so you can jam it in the cup! Tutorial 9 So you are ready to pull the threads, knot it and sew the opening up. However, don’t pull too tight or the thread will break and you will have to resew it: Tutorial 10 When you pull it tight it will look like this: Tutorial 11 But I reiterate…not too tight or this will happen again and you will rethink the whole project: Tutorial 12 Finally I sewed double thread and pulled a bit more gently and I managed to sew it all up without breaking any thread. It was a moment! Tutorial 13 I popped it on top of the cup and you can see the size difference, but don’t panic: Tutorial 14 It is soft, you can squish it in, in fact this will help keep it in there! Tutorial 15 I am relying on the fact I did it too big and it is jammed in quite tight, but in hindsight I could probably have hot glue gunned it in, or maybe superglue. I will see if it moves about or not. Get excited by your pin cushion and stick some pins it. Tutorial 17 Isn’t it pretty. Once the photo shoot is over, you can stick in the rest of the pins!! Tutorial 18 Tutorial 19 So thank you for indulging me and allowing me to avoid my laundry for an extra hour!

I am so excited to have a proper pin cushion and not be too scared to take a pin out of the bowl because another pin is likely to stab me. Also I feel quite clever. :)

If you are in New Zealand or Australia it is ANZAC day.  Lest we forget. I will be up early and at the dawn services to watch the children march in the parade.


8 thoughts on “Teacup Pincushion Tutorial

  1. This is adorable! I am no needle and thread lady but I might even have a go at making one of these myself. I have the perfect cup…….


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