Bingo, spaceships and tennis

Creating with Victoria using @gypsy999's creative bingo prompt cards. #100happydays #autumnholidays

I have had these journal prompt cards  that Tammy at Daisy Yellow puts out for a while and I have had great plans for them in terms of creating with the children but never quite got there.  With the Autumn holidays upon me I decided to get organised and I made up some bingo tokens.

Bingo tokens

We then pulled a card at random and pulled three tokens out of the bowl.

Oh my goodness, so much fun and really challenging as well. Certainly makes you experiment and put things together that would never normally occur to you. It pushes you out of your comfort zone as you try and work out how these random disparate prompts will work together on one page.

Unfortunately Sebastian was under the weather after needing a tooth removed, but he rallied admirably in spite of it all.

Victoria however was a very eager participant. It did get a bit competitive in the end and there was some copying involved I am going to add, and someone thinks they won…I disagree, but the judge called a tie (which I also disagreed with)?!

For the first attempt we drew: Spaceship, Toy and Tennis.

I just used some watercolour paper I had for these, which I ripped in half. Clearly I had needed some watercolour circles for something because out of one piece there were 4 punched circle holes, I decided to put some tinfoil behind them in light of the spaceship theme.

Someone then copied…not mentioning names. :)

Here is what we ended up with.

Natasha - Daisy Yellow Prompt card(Mine)

Victoria - Daisy Yellow Prompt card (7)(Victoria)

I went with Robots as my toy and Victoria went with toy koalas. The words on mine say “The umpire was not very neutral” which was not so far from the truth in real life either with both sides arguing their position quite strongly!

The second attempt was after Sebastian was back from the dentist, and he participated in this one, before retiring to bed. The prompts were: New York, Wine and Charcoal Grey.

Sebastian is much more subdued with his colour (much preferring to create black and white comics) and a lot more literal. Certainly a whole lot more subdued than his sister!!

Natasha - Daisy Yellow Prompt card(Mine)

Sebastian - Daisy Yellow Prompt card (10)

Victoria - Daisy Yellow Prompt card (7)(Victoria)

I love her use of neon and her bold lines.  I am also grateful Sebastian attempted to play along despite how miserable he was feeling.

These cards are such a great idea for creating with children, as well as stretching you out of your comfort zone and giving yourself new challenges. Trying things that you wouldn’t necessarily try or even contemplate putting together as you try and weave together a story or at least some coherence. I really enjoyed them just for myself and my own benefit let alone how great they were to use with Victoria.  They sparked an afternoon of creating and animated discussion.

Also they are so juicy and delicious, using Tammy’s own vibrant artwork as the backgrounds. They are gorgeous and inspiring to hold and just look at and shuffle through and try and work out how the background is made. They are Moo cards so really good quality and I just really recommend them.  A fun addition to one’s creative toolbelt.

Victoria has already sorted out what tokens we are doing tomorrow apparently (more cheating I expect…not that I am the competitive one) as well as the Bingo prompt card we are using, and has just announced to me I will need to buy some more! So very well recommended from these parts from all quarters. :)

To find out more you can click here to go to Tammy’s website, or to her shop where she sells them over here.


13 thoughts on “Bingo, spaceships and tennis

  1. I Love this post!! SO adorable & I love the work you all did with Tammy’s gorgeous cards! (love them!!) I especially love Victoria’s “New York”…the wine glass, omg, cracked me up!! And yay, Sebastian, for playing after dental work!! :)

    • I know…He did well, he needed a tooth removed because of an abscess so he was nice to indulge me. This is perfect for bored kids with winter coming up. I also noted both kids did red wine because that is what they are used to seeing!!

  2. How marvelous to set it all up as a challenge, Natasha! Victoria uses color and pattern so artistically in her work. And what a good sport Sebastian is, to draw and paint when not feeling 100%. I use dice to select my prompts, but I LOVE the idea of little bingo tokens as it’s all so much more fun:) Thank you for the shout out and I’m thrilled that you guys like the cards.

    • The tokens were fun to make. We loved this. I will be making a visit to buy some more. Victoria has decided we don’t have enough. Her and her friend were playing “art bingo” yesterday.

  3. What are you like? Actually, Craig was boasting tonight that he took The Girls to pieces in their before bed card game tonight. Practically dancing round the room he was. What were they playing? Happy Families of course! Am surprised he didn’t introduce betting and fleece them of their pocket money :P

    Love this post, you are all so talented. Gorgeous colours :-)

  4. That was an adorable blog post! I love the not-so-subtle copying, Sebastian’s literal interpretation (I hope he recovered speedily, poor kid) and Victoria’s joyous participation.

    Wonderful arty fun!


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