Inspiring me

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Here is what is inspiring me this week:

Julia Yellow’s sketchbooks that you can see here.  Oh my gosh, I love how she combines elements, her line work, the white space on the page, her composition.  Everything about these pages I adore.  You should definitely go check her out.

Gillian Lee Smith.  Holy goodness.  Her work, leaves me speechless, so raw and filled with emotion.  I got lost at her blog earlier this week and I lost an hour.  Beautiful work.  And she has an ecourse that I want to do.  Really beautiful work.  I love her lines and the way she portrays emotions and the level of rawness in her work that tells stories.  Beautiful.

These Easter chicks.  I found them too late for this Easter but next Easter I want a flock.  (Do you call a group of chicks a flock?)  In any event, I love them, I also love how she posed them. They made me smile!  :)

Chrissy Angliker!  You can find her Tumblr here which is her blog essentially and you can see her work in process which I love. I first fell for these drippy portraits, but then worked through all her work until her present day work and was inspired by all of it. Her figurative work is so powerful as well…I got lost over here this week as well.  So much energy and emotion in her work.  The way she puts colour on the page, her control of the pieces particularly when work with tools and techniques that don’t a lot of control inherent in them…such as drips.  Her latest work makes me want to practice more with a palette knife.  Delicious.  Just delicious.

I hope you all had a fabulous Easter and have an inspired week.


5 thoughts on “Inspiring me

  1. That’s me too. Determined to finish a few of the courses I have already and work through some of the books I have too (just ordered another new book, that’s all MY Amazon vouchers gone ! *g*) Am so addicted! But that one is def on my list!

    BTW sorry for all the typo’s in my other comment – am usually on my tablet, snuggled in bed when that happens and it predicts really random stuff and I don’t notice!

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