A week of happy

I had seen on quite a few friend’s Facebook posts the 100 days of happy that people were doing and I figured that I had enough on and I did not need something else to commit to and not complete! Who needs to add more fails to their score card?! Then I was catching up on my ever behind blog reader and I saw this post on Joanna’s blog where she said how sad it was that people didn’t have time to be happy.

I know (because I am not that egocentric!!) that she was not talking to me directly but I suddenly had this realisation like “Seriously?  You can’t find the time to take one photo each day of something that has made you happy??” I finished reading the post and went straight to sign up and so far these are the things each day that have made me happy (or the one I decided to tag at any rate!)

Day #1

We had a mother-daughter double date which involved bubbles for three of us but lemonade for Victoria in a champagne flute and the most delicious company that involves mad belly laughing and people looking over to your corner like the men in white coats may come at any moment.  If I had remembered I was doing this challenge earlier I would have maybe snapped a champagne flute in some arty shot I’m sure. :)

Instead you get this blurry photo of my whirling dervish, who after the date was over was so giddy she could not stop spinning, as I was trying to check the date on my phone I accidentally snapped this, and I loved it.  Half an hour later I remembered the challenge and I thought it summed up the afternoon perfectly.


Day #2

Filling the tins with baking always makes me feel most productive, and a in varying degrees both a good mother and a domestic goddess. As I fill the bellies of those I love with sugar and try equally to resist the temptation, but the sight of the actual filed tins…joy (on a par with looking at my preserves). Hence my photo.


Day #3

Autumn is upon us but today was so sunny and warm, we all enjoyed the sun and soaked it up. It felt quite heavenly though I resisted the urge to roll on the wet grass. It did look very filled with happy though. :)

Nothing like rolling about in the grass appreciating the autumn sun. #100happydays


Day #4

Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. We had Royals in the country and despite my inner leanings towards us becoming a republic eventually I was COMPLETELY caught up in the Royal tour, helped along by Victoria who was captivated by Catherine and George. I decided to keep the children home on the day they would be doing a walkabout in Wellington because I remember the Queen and Duke visiting when I was about sevenish and standing on the side of the road waving as she went past and she waved straight at me!! I wanted the children to have a memory like that and so we went in.

It was pouring with rain and thundering at one stage and we went in super early to get in the front, so we were sodden, but the sun came out just before they got there. The children were interviewed for TV (which if you are super keen you can see here…they are right at the end!) and we were close. Though I would describe the event as a walk by rather than a walkabout! :) No less happy making and I was perfectly thrilled by it all.

We saw them!! #RoyalvisitNZ #100happydays

Day #5

I love Tupperware. Love it. Madly. I am also quite obsessive compulsive about it, I don’t like mixy matchy lids and really wish Tupperware would stop bringing out new lid colours. But I will step away from that soapbox before I step on! Anyway…I went to a Tupperware party last week and the demonstrator put my name forward to her manager as a potential demonstrator recruit?! I was not so sure but she wanted to meet for coffee anyway, and so I did, and I am still not sure, but at the end she gave me this. Oh my gosh. The joy! It is so cute and dinky and something I would never buy. Particularly because I am not really into cupcakes but I could be with this!! Although Victoria saw it and claimed it straight away so I will have to keep an eye on it. :)

A Tupperware cupcake keeper I was given today! This is bringing me an insane amount of joy in all the cuteness!! #100happydays

Day #6

My dad lives in Australia which feels very far away sometimes to this Daddy’s girl, and it is so heart warming to me when I watch him and the children interacting on Skype. As much as you can maintain a relationship when you live in another country, they manage it and he is very patient. Him and Victoria are particularly close and it fills me. It was Good Friday today and as they were skyping I brought out the eggs Dad had bought them. so he could the joy on their faces almost in person. It was a joy to see them all laughing and chatting together.

100 days of happy

Day #7

The problem with this challenge I think is what moment do you choose?? Today’s photo is the photo of the children’s Easter Baskets that I have just dug out ready for the Easter Bunny’s visit tonight.  I love that feeling of magic when the anticipation builds of magical visitors coming in the night. I can hardly sleep for the magic of it all let alone the children! Just seeing these baskets waiting for the children to put out tonight is a whole lot of happy.


However, what is also a whole lot of happy is making hot cross buns, and so that could have been the moment I chose as well (if I had not left them to the last minute and now I fear running out of light in which to take a photo!). I am also experimenting with feijoa and ginger flavour…I am very excited about that experiment and hope it works! I couldn’t find a recipe so it is really an experiment that will go wonderfully or dreadfully/

And this is week one down. :)  Hope everyone is having a fabulous Easter.


8 thoughts on “A week of happy

  1. Very happy moments these are!! They made me smile too…especially the one with the mother/daughter/belly laughing! Magical, happy moments!! Happy Easter to you & yours! Let us know how the hot cross buns turned out ( my faves!!).

  2. I’m so glad you’re taking part in this – I really enjoyed looking at your photos (loved the first one and the one of the royals in particular) and you’re right, they will make a wonderful book :)

    Looking forward to seeing the next batch of your 100 Happy Days photos :) :) :)


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