A call out for Soul Clippings

So…I saw this call over here for 5 words that describe you cut out of a magazine and send them to Vinny for an art project she has in mind.  It is one of my goals for the year to work on some collaborations (and I am saying this counts!) so I am in.  

I will be interested to see what words other people find and choose that describe them.

Here are my final five that I decided on.

Five words cut from a magazine to describe me.I pulled out a few magazines and just ripped out potentials.  Once I had gone through them I went through and made my final selection.

Go on…join in the collaboration as well! :)  It will be fun.  I can hardly wait to see what she does with them all.



3 thoughts on “A call out for Soul Clippings

  1. Think I’ll check that out! I love collaborative or community projects. I went for a walk at one of our metroparks the other day and near the entrance to the trail was this wonky tall house creation with instructions on a nearby pole. The little rooms were filled with small sketchbooks and colored pencils. Take a book, draw something–whatever you choose and put it back so the next person can do the same. It was organized by our University’s Art students. Of course I drew on several pages. Can’t wait to see what they do with everything.

    I am curious on how “four quarters” describes you, is that a story for another day?

    • Oh…and four quarters makes a whole and there are so many parts to me…that contribute to the whole…Different roles and relationships and skills. When I was going through the words that one kept sticking in my head. I had dismissed it originally but i ended up going searching for it because I couldn’t leave it alone.

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