In my journal

Here is the first page. I have had this in my head to do for a while, I had copied the quote out a while ago and I recently came across it and decided to have a go at the spread now.

Stained glass windows

I did the writing with a bamboo skewer, I forgot how much I enjoyed how that looked. I particularly love the dress. It was hard to get a good picture of it. I cut out the shapes and inked up some vellum that I put behind it. Love how it is kind of glowy even if hard to to show.

Close up stained glass dress detail

Or this try as well…

Stained glass dress.

Love it!

This page I was a bit nervous about posting. It is exploring my big problem I have with forgiving, or rather not forgiving. I have such big problems letting go of perceived injustices. Little things I can forgive in a heartbeat, but there are some things I really struggle with and I wish I was a better person to do it. I know why I should, all the reasons why I should, I know it will be much better for me, yet there is a part of me that just never properly lets some things go.

Forgive or not

To that end in fact (you know the whole becoming a better person and remaking myself and been able to let things go palava) I just downloaded this what promises to be story changing ebook course by Sas Petherick. I have only started it, but I have already had some tears spill and some tummy churing uncomfortableness so I have high hopes for boundary pushing expansiveness and healing and maybe learning to forgive, or at least let things go…not that this has anything to do with my art journal…although you never know what will appear there. :)

Next spread is this one. I love this quote and it is also part of Lisa Sonora Beam’s 30 day art journal challenge. In fact some of my ones from last week were too, so I may do a round up of all those pages in one post when they are all finished (because they are not all finished at the moment). I note that the challenge is on hold for a few weeks, but it should be back any day now. I recommend it. I have had a few revelations.

Soul growing

This is another one from the Lisa Sonora Beam series. Very wordy and scattered thoughts eveywhere. I really liked that though as a background, it represented quite well the wordy messy my mind can be, so I did not wangt to cover it all up. I just did a scrappy girl on some newspaper that I had doodled while watching something on tv the other night. I like the roughness of the page.

Passion and Purpose

And that is me for the art journal sharing this week. :) Happy Easter!


11 thoughts on “In my journal

  1. Love the pages . . . and the glow of the dress is perfect! And thanks for the intro to Sas Petherick.

    As for forgiving, there are some things that are unforgivable until the trespasser is truly understood and that may not be possible. I think that sometimes, the best we can do is to hand the problem to the person who owns it and find a way to go forward without bitterness. For me it was the only way.

  2. Beautiful, glowing stained glass girl! Love her & a great quote as well! Ahhhh, yes, forgiveness & letting it go…I know of which you speak. I struggle SO VERY MUCH with this as well. What helped me a lot was Teresa’s 52 cards…the letting go message kept screaming at me in every collage of words that I did,that I finally faced it head on & tried working through it from a different angle. I tried to find something/anything to be grateful about the particular person/situation that I couldn’t “let go”. It helped.

    I also did Lisa Sonora’s 30 day challenge back in January…I LOVED it!!! I wish I could afford to do her Creative Practice workshop later this month…it sounds perfect for where I want to be in my work.

    Great post as usual, always inspiring!!

  3. Your pages and the quotes you’ve chosen are just wonderful. Love the stained glass girl! Yeah, forgiveness….I tend to replay transgressions (real and imagined) over and over in my head. I wonder what keeps me doing that–I know I have to work on forgiveness–certainly hurting myself more by hanging on to it!! Good luck :-)

  4. Brilliant pages, all of them. Love that glowy dress, what a super idea. Now this forgiveness thing – you’ve tripped a cord with that one, lady. I’m afraid that I too struggle to forgive people who have let me down. If someone lets me down (really getting to the heart of our relationship) I cut them out of my life, they’re gone. Do I have regrets about this? Some – mainly regretting that they let me down!! Forgiveness failure :/ Your page with the added asides (but she didn’t etc) is fab. I’ll be checking out the links you’ve given, thank you!

    This morning I’m meeting up for the first time with a blogging friend – I would so love to be meeting up with you for a coffee one day, I think we’d have a ball!


    • I would love that too!! I think we would have a ball!! I had labelled myself a bad person for not forgiving but the comments on my post have made me a bit easier on myself. I am so glad I am not alone.

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