Truth Card #3


Honestly looking at the before cards it is little wonder I never used these or took them out of their little bag. I don’t even know what I was thinking. Was I slapping stuff down to fill up the space, or what on earth?? A duck?! On this message?? I have no explanation. I surely can’t have thought these were finished. Because they sure as heck are not. And this slapping shit down nonsense…you can see I had no idea about collage. None.

But I do remember that at this time I had just found punchinella in NZ! Which was exciting because I had been looking for ages and I was clearly loving that texture. Ugh! I am hesitant to even produce the before photos now, but it adds to the experience to see either how far I have come or my process…or how far I hope you can see I have come.

Truth card #3 (before)

So. Anything would have been an improvement on that palava.

When I first saw the duck I thought instantly of this post I had just read a short time before. I saw ducks in trees  and decided to just go with that. I suck at trees. So I was pleasantly surprised that I quite like this one.

I then had a flashback to the pink plaster flamingoes my grandparents used to have in their garden and we mokopuna (grandchildren) used to ride when we were little…until one of us was too rough (I am sure that was not me) and broke the neck on one…then they were moved and became off limits, but that is where I went to in my head.

So I went with it and painted him pink. Which at the time I thought was madness but as I am writing this, I have just realised that when I have felt truly afraid or alone I have mostly always smelt my Nanny’s scent (not that she stunk I hasten to add…I can feel her rolling in her grave about to disown me!) and so maybe it is not as mad as it first seems to have a pink duck, that could also represent a flamingo and the person I consider one of my greatest protectors. Maybe.

Or maybe I am just trying to make stuff up that isn’t there in order to justify pink ducks in trees! :)

Truth card #3 (after)


6 thoughts on “Truth Card #3

  1. You NEVER need an excuse for pink ducks in trees :)

    I love what you say about looking back on things. Sometimes I look back at stuff I was so proud of at the time and now I’m all ‘really?’ but I still keep them because it DOES show how far you’ve come I think. We’ll be constantly learning till we pop our clogs. Hopefully we are seeing an improvement at least some of the time. I love these cards and seeing your before and after ;)

  2. hahaha, that post made me laugh, Natasha! I don’t think your ‘before’ card is as bad as you think it is – but the ‘after’ card is so ‘you’. A pink duck in a tree :) How lovely that it inspired all those happy thoughts of your Nanny.


  3. This made me smile!! Never a need to justify a pink duck in a tree! I love the story behind this little card…I have a feeling whenever you look at this one, it will always make you smile with good memories!

  4. I do like the final version, I suck at trees too which I find sad because I think there are so beautiful. I think this tree of yours is quite awesome. When i looked at the before card the duck card represented a child that you were speaking to with the text, I liked it.

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