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First up is this video.  I realised just after I hit publish on my last inspiring me post that I should have shared this.  I saw it literally hours before I was due to be Master of Ceremonies and give a biggish Chairperson speech for which I felt a bit wretched.  I don’t know if it was this power pose or a placebo effect but I felt so much better before the speech after watching than I had been feeling.

As an aside the speech went stunningly well (and one of the younger children whose class I help in a couple of times a week told me I looked saxy!) :), though the thieves stealing my wallet from my handbag in the school office while I was speaking was not so pleasant. Given it is a Catholic school it seems a bit reckless given the closeness to God’s watchful eye (just thinking out loud, not very filled with forgiveness right at the moment as card replacement costs and the loss of photos and momentos in my wallet, far outweigh the $5 they took), but I am not letting that one incident impact on my recollection of how well the day went. So I leave you with this, talk about how we hold our space in this world.

Jane, a women who always inspires me to be a better more real person had this fabulous post over here that reaffirmed my decision not to colour my hair or cover up the few greys that I am noticing coming through.  Having coloured my hair often since I was a teenager, when  I found a couple of greys last year I had an initial panic (because surely I am not old enough to be going grey!?), and then decided I wouldn’t dye my hair anymore.  Setting an example for Victoria that you don’t have to cover up aging to be beautiful. Inspired to that view by another very good real life friend as well. And then I found a few more and had to remake that choice very consciously confronting my own demons about aging.  It is funny because I always admire woman who don’t, and I wonder about that, like why I think that is a brave choice to remain in our natural state.   It is redefining my own sense of beauty about aging consciously as well.  In any event, without digging into those thinkings on a post about inspirations, Jane greatly inspired me this week.

Emily Ball is an absolutely fantastic artist and she is inspiring me as well.  You can see her work over hair, but do a more general google search as well.  I love her paint lines and shapes and the way she constructs her forms.  The colours she chooses talk to me, the parts she leaves white, and the parts bursting with energy and colour.  Her art really speaks to me.

Andrea is doing a free ecourse on giving your dreams wings which you can sign up to over here.  Given what my own workshop was in 21 Secrets, it felt very serendipitous (especially this post by Jamie Ridler!). You can find out more about the course and sign up over here.

I am immersed in this course at the moment (immersed and behind!) and there is something quite delicious and appealing to me discussing and reading old myths, particularly Psyche and Amor.  It appeals to the history loving scholarly side of me, and is so much different to what I imagined but also so much more.  It delights me to go to sleep thinking about the stories and reflections questions and to wake up thinking about the symbols and archetypes.  It is really filling me up in a good way and so if it comes up again and it is calling to you then I recommend it.  You can get into it as much or as little as you like, but even if just reading the class discussion you learn so much.

Finally Jay over at Moonlight Creations has created an ebook on drawing faces that he is GIVING AWAY over here.  I have just read the first ten or so pages and already I am staggered by how much work he has gone to, and I am excited about delving into it more.  I definitely encourage people to go look at it if they like drawing faces.  It looks like an incredible resource and I am pretty sure that people will get something out of it no matter how experienced you are.

I hope that you find something here that inspires you in some way. :)


6 thoughts on “Inspiring me

  1. Oh I am so jealous about that myths course it looks AMAZING! How do you find the time to find all this wonderful stuff with everything else you are doing? Bookmarking that one for sure. Loved your links last week – leaving your page open so I can peruse through the rest of this weeks :)

  2. Hi Natasha, thank you for leaving a comment on my website! Today I took the time to look better at your blog and I think it is really inspiring! Saw some nice inspiring ideas and after scrolling trough your pages, I have the motivation to do more with my website too! Thank you for that!

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