On my easel

As I talked about here, while I was talking about gaining clarity in one of my art pieces and how I loved that spot when you see a way forward so clearly, I was at the time staring at this piece.

I had previously spoken about my intention to get on and finish it over here, but stating that and actually doing it can be two very different things. It was out though and while I was on the phone I happened to glance at it and I saw this figure quite clearly in the background. So I grabbed my pencil and sketched out the figure I had seen before I lost her.


I wasn’t immediately sure about what next step to do, but the more I thought about it, the more I liked doing something along these lines.

So I began blocking out the background with some white.


This is where she is sitting now. I think she is nearly done, if not done. I have left her out to see if I am inspired to add anything else.

Still standing

Here a close up photo of the texture. I love it. Really love it.

Still standing close up

Any input or anything that jumps out at people is more than welcome. :)


8 thoughts on “On my easel

  1. Thanks for the process photos. I just don’t know how you decide where to stop, how you decide it’s finished. I would have been happy just after you started to block in some white but it gets better and better. I’ve never done anything like this really, starting of with that rich background. Maybe in the holidays . . . oh, off for a week with Jill Berry in Whanganui (picture me hugging myself and doing an internalised happy dance accompanied by a small chortle.

    And right now there is NOTHING on my easel . . . lots on the workbench though! I just had my first noho at Te Korkiri, Levin, weaving. I sooooo wish I didn’t have to go to work today!

    I am FAR to busy to work full-time! It has to stop soon(ish).

  2. How interesting. I always struggle to ‘see’ faces, people, creatures coming out of a background so it’s great to see your figure emerging. I can relate to over attachment to backgrounds!

    Thank you so much for spending so long wading through and commenting on so many of my blog posts; I’m so glad you’ve signed up to 100 Happy Days, which has been such an uplifting and positive ‘challenge’.


  3. I adore this!! The texture is so rich & those colors you use, I think they are becoming your signature colors! It is always scary to take that step & add more, I know, but I am also learning to trust those intuitive steps…it really is the best way to push ourselves as artists. Awesome work!

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