Inspiring me

Inspiring Me Icon.jpgAnd thus starts another series over here on my blog.  Some links or images on what is inspiring me at the moment.  Or what I have been particularly taken with.

I foresee that it will be telling on what is impacting my creativity and process at a given time and will be interesting to look back.

Maya Hayuk.

Oh my gosh. Her art and her murals.  Both have completely taken me and held me captive.  I love her work.  The vibrancy and energy and colours and it really speaks to me.

This video on positive and negative space by Diane Culhane.  And while you are over there please check out her art. Oh yes.  Check out her work!

21 Secrets.  Wow.  A couple of people have shared pages that from my videos which is thrilling beyond belief.  I show everyone quite excitedly on my phone like a fool.  But more than that seeing the inspiration and art over there is really inspiring and exciting to see.  I am grateful to have been a part of it.

I love this idea that I saw on Carmen’s blog…collaborative faces…I love it.  And I totally want to do something like this myself.  I think that would be cool.  To see the different styles of people come together in creating a face.  The idea is quite exciting to me.

Finally my daughter Victoria is home sick with asthma at the moment and has been arting up some faces.  I adore the noses and character in her portraits.  I don’t know when her noses changed or what she has been inspired by but I completely love them.

Victoria is painting a self-portrait. Love that she included messy unbrushed hair.

Victoria is home sick again and drawing her father and I. I thought we were mouthless and then she pointed out we were kissing. Oh my gosh. #thecuteness


These are the things that are inspiring me and exciting me at the moment.  :)  I hope you are having a fabulously inspiring week and if you find things that you think would inspire me then please feel free to share!  I would love that.



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