On my easel

Yet another new series!!  :)

This is me further trying to keep myself motivated by publicly showing you what I intend to complete!

The first picture I love as a background, and maybe as a piece but there is a part of me that knows really it is unfinished but I don’t want to ruin it. However I have a photo now, so I am going to begin to take that a bit further.  I had an idea a few days ago that I want to explore.  And after all…it is just paint.  If we balls it up we can just paint over it!?

Canvas WIP

The second piece has been sitting unfinished for maybe a year?!  I got so far on it and got stuck.  Then I put some modeling paste on it and I am going to do something with this as well.  So here is what is on my easel!

Canvas WIP

They are both big canvases. And it is time for them to be finished..an d for me to actually finish some canvases as well. Rather than just dithering about with them!


6 thoughts on “On my easel

  1. Thanks for sharing your works in progress. The first one makes me think of a birch tree forest at dusk. Love the colors. I would hang it like that! Ha! Looking forward to how it turns out…enjoy it!

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