In my sketchbook

This week has been the week of introducing new series on this blog (First the In my art journal one, and then the truth cards! :) All in an effort to keep me motivated and accountable in completely selfish ways.

I was thinking I would share some pages in my sketchbook regularly. I would have said I am new to sketch book keeping but in fact upon thinking about that I have kept them for quite a while as I have practiced faces and techniques and what have you. Though sometimes they have just been on scraps of paper and often I have ripped pages out to either bin forever or used in other projects.

It is only relatively recently I have kept a dedicated sketchbook that I pull out over and over again and that I distinguish quite markedly fro my art journals. They are unfinished, rough and raw, playing and experimenting, but they are a part of my creative process and perhaps useful to document I thought.

These ones were playing with charcoal…oh be still my heart. I did these last year and I realise I have not played with charcoal much since so I must get back to that! Adding it to my never ending creative to-do list. But for today here are the results of my charcoal playing. I love all of them.

Charcoal Sketch

Charcoal Sketch

Charcoal Sketch

Charcoal Sketch

Can I also blatantly remind you that there is a chance to win a spot on the 21 Secrets Spring 2014 Workshop over here that you can enter to win and/or share the news.  I would much appreciate it! :)


9 thoughts on “In my sketchbook

  1. Natasha, Your charcoal drawings have so much depth & movement, with a mystical/magical feel! Beautiful! I love charcoal!! Do you work with a kneaded eraser as well?

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