In my journal

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my last blog post.

I finished that and went to look through my photos only to realise I had not upoaded any to Flickr for quite a while. And with the computer crisis in my recent past I needed to retake photos.  Which I procrastinated about because the idea of processing all those photos made me want to poke my eyes out.

But in small chunks I got there and have a few things to share.  So rather than bombarde you I thought I would start up a couple of new regular sharing spots on my blog and catch up that way. (I have been meaning to do this since the start of the year when I first had the idea but it is never too late??? :))

So this spot is called “In my journal” and as it says I will share some pages or a page from my art journal once a week.  Sometimes it may be what  am working on currently, or some description of some technique or even a video?!.  Or some photos of old pages that I have not yet shared.  (Guess what you are being inflicted with this week and the next couple of weeks!).

Here is some proof that while I have not been sharing so much in this space I have been creating at least.  Some are messy and raw and some are tidier.  Some have lots of words and some have not so much.  Looking back through them I can see where I was working things out, and not always with words. Some are just all over the place, but they are what they are.

Others are playing and experimenting and trying things out. :)


Words on an angel

Words on an angel


Be kind to your dreams

She was screaming on the inside

No more safety in her box

Peeking out

Autumnal goddess

The scrape of tomorrow

Holding fears


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