Sneaking in

There is no beginning too small according to Henry David Thoreau.  Today I am taking that to heart. #30dayjournal #artjournal

I don’t want to know how log it has been!!  All is well over here.  Living Summer.  The children have been home, we went camping to a beach with no cell phone reception, which you got used to, and now the children are back at school.  I kept telling myself I would blog when this happened, or this, or this, and those moments came and I only wrote posts in my head.  When I scheduled posts I somehow stuffed it up and decided that was a sign. And then our main computer died, which threw me a little loop as blogging as I now have to was not what I envisaged (mad expectations and thoughts I admit).  Until I got to the point I thought I should have something of worth to say.  But that made the pressure worse and silenced me even more…so no pressure, just a hi and I am back. I have journalled a lot including about why I was even blogging and what I missed was the sense of sharing and community and connection, which is after all what any of this sharing is about.  Looking for those like minded souls to connect with and feel less alone with in this world. So that is where I have been, living and wondering if I had anything of value to say.  Not in a deep soulful kind of way but in that way that you don’t want to be clutter in anyone’s life.  But the truth is that I missed it.  And I missed the connection and feeling that I was not so isolated and alone even if I was overwhelmed about how to begin. So I decided to sneak in…no fanfare….just sneaking.  I have still been creating and painting and I have a lot more to say.  But if I do that it won’t be sneaking and instead will involve more fanfare and fireworks so just want to keep this brief!


11 thoughts on “Sneaking in

  1. You could never be clutter! I think about you most days, not in a stalker type way, just in that fleeting second or so that my eyes catch your postcard. (Which is now next to my indoor desk.) It’s why I sought out your fb page the other day and ‘oohed’ over your journal pages. Am glad you are back, so many blogs seem to be stopping in favour of fb. Big hugs – you have been missed x

  2. Oh I’d say sod it and go for the fanfare – it is so lovely lovely lovely to see you back in blog land – I missed you!!!!! Glad you are still creating and enjoying your family and that you are enjoying summer, we are having a very very very wet winter which is proving tedious. I’ve lost my job through redundancy and now desperately trying to find another role that will suit, is proving difficult! Hope to see you around more often! Hugs as always

  3. We should be free to come and go in the blog-sphere and and know that when we are there we make a connection and when we are not there it’s because we need to be elsewhere. It’s all good :-)

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