Mail art…

Back in September (ignoring the fact it is now not September!!) I participated in a mail art challenge for Tim’s Sally True Free Spirit Art Group.  I was a little nervous about who I was swapping for but ended up producing this:

Mail Art  - True Free Spirit

I really liked the sketchy quality of it, and the imperfection. And it was something I wanted to explore a bit more so I made a note. :)

And then I saw Hanna was holding her DIY Postcard swap and at the last minute decided to join up. To get my art mojo back again…nothing like a little art deadline pressure! When I was thinking about what to do I thought about the mail art I had made for Nolwenn and thought I could do something similar…also further exploring what it was I liked about the original piece I did. Which also makes this a series!! Which is a proper artist kind of thing to do. Also I am not finished with the idea. I still want to play a bit more. I also really want to do life drawing classes now.

But here are the cards I did for Hanna’s swap:
Mail Art #19

Mail Art #18

Mail Art #17

Mail Art #16

Mail Art #15

Mail Art #14

Mail Art #13

Mail Art #12

Mail Art #11

Mail Art #10

Mail Art #9

Mail Art #8

Mail Art #7

Mail Art #6

Mail Art #5

Mail Art #4

Mail Art #3

Mail Art #2

Mail Art #1

Some I felt called to write on, others I didn’t. I really enjoyed making them. I was careful about what poses I chose since other people would be receiving them who may be sensitive to glimpses of breast or the like. I hope all the receivers are happy. I really liked how they came out.

I didn’t take any progress shots, but I did not finish all of them that I had prepped so the backgrounds did all look a bit like these unfinished ones.

Background  Mail Art

Background Mail Art


15 thoughts on “Mail art…

  1. Gosh these are fabulous! I love looking at “perfect” images, but these are so “earthy” and “real” and emotional….fabulous work Natasha :D XXX

  2. Before I say anything – I got to tell you – I have Peter Griffin in my head… You like that side boob? You shouldn’t! That’s MY side boob! *snicker* You shouldn’t say you are being careful not to show booby and not expect me to turn into a child ;)

    Anyhoo… Absolutely gorgeous. All of them, I love this figurative, gestural, expressive style. Love it. I too have been thinking about a life class but didn’t want to go alone. You should pop over once a week so we could go together :)

  3. Thanks for joining the swap and sharing these beautiful postcards, they are so cool and special. I too use my postcards like a way to explore an idea in a series! :)

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