How time flies

Especially it seems when you have run out of words.  I have been in some crazy mute stage, that I think looking back over the last couple of years always tends to happen in the same phase.  I don’t know what it is about August-September, but I am back with my right words.  :)

As I type that it may actually be part of my creative cycle.  Also perhaps would have been easier to come back if I did not fight it and beat myself up for not coming here calling myself a lazy person.  Perhaps a note for if this happens next year may be to show myself some grace for September!

In any event I have still been arting, even if I did run out of words.  Also…in big news around here, one of the proposals I was working on for the organisation I was contracting for was shortlisted and they have been asked to make a presentation to the government department in that area and have asked me to help present!!  Which was a huge honour.  Very exciting non art news.

I am four weeks behind in showin my 52 cards so will show those all here today.  My version of attempting to catch up.  Then I have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT later today.  I can barely keep my mouth shut around it.  Then sharing some mail art and art journal stuff later in the week.  I have already scheduled the posts which makes me feel very organised!!  :)

In other BIG news I got my firs big girl camera.  I finally made a decision and it is beautiful.  A little nerve-wracking to use, but I also got a book on my kindle that I am going to work my way through.  I do however see how you can spend a fortune on lenses.  I did not fully appreciate that before.  Now…oh my gosh.  I get it.

This could be a very expensive hobby…

But look…isn’t she beautiful??

My first big girl camera! #veryexcitedSo on to my 52 cards.  Beginning with card 30!!!

Card #30/52

Card 30 was actually painted using my daughters left over paints from when she had finished painting.  I was feeling a bit lazy and didn’t want to get out one of my art journals to put the left over paints there like I normally would. 

I can see here how uninspired I was feeling and trying to reassure myself that my creative mojo was going to come back, so I would not feel like I had fallen from the fly forever. Though honestly I had a few doubts as I wondered about I was really doing here.

Card 31:
Card #31/52The stamp was made with staz on ink.  A new purchase and oh my gosh how I love that ink pad is permanent. Though it is very smelly.  But lovely.  With one of my homemade stamps no less.  :)

Still dithering and asking questions…so many questions.  It really is interesting looking back and writing about it now because it does symbolise my angst about what I was doing.  I had so many plans for posts and really could barely make myself go near the computer!!  Grace for September is clearly needed.  I am going to make sure I have a plan in place for next year!

Card 32:
Card #32/52Starting to take more affirmative action…plugging away behind the scenes and also this week I began creating a bit more.  I think this was the week I had no more contract work and honestly I did not a lot more than rest.  In fact maybe that is why I ran out of words here.  I was so busy writing reports and I had no more to give…watch me make justifications for not posting!?!

Card 33:
Card #33/52And then card 33…I have been much more immersed in art last week.  I do feel a bit better about where I am going and what I have to offer here. I have all sorts of sparkling plans.  :)

I do wonder also as I am writing these words that I stopped my morning pages…I suspect that has contributed to me drifting.  Back to those then without delay!!

To find out more about these 52 cards…found words and images on a playing card, please visit Teresa where she explains so wonderfully the whys of the cards and has such inspiring wisdom in her words.  They guide me every time I read them. 

Thank you in advance for having me back.  I do feel back! :)


6 thoughts on “How time flies

  1. Yay! So glad to see you back, my friend! Missed you! I think having a break from the creative work actually helps to fuel the creative fire…we all have our seasons. My “down time” is March – whenever I left a job it was always in March. Congrats on being asked to present your proposal! Great stuff! Your 52 weeks collages are fabulous & I appreciate the thoughts behind them. They are more telling when we look back, aren’t they? I am very intrigued by your “big announcement”! You gave us a cliffhanger! 😉 Talk to you soon!

  2. I was just thinking yesterday that I hadn’t seen a post from you in a while. Good to see you back! And looking forward to hearing what your big announcement is :-)

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