I am teaching at next years 21 Secrets!!!!

Oh my gosh.  Now for my announcement!! As has just been announced by Connie over at Dirty Footprints Studio….

I am so incredibly honoured to have been asked to teach at next years 21 Secrets workshop…OH MY GOSH.  Cue flailing arms AND jazz hands.  And just a little squealing…very unprofessional I know.


Keeping this a secret has been very hard let me tell you!! I was so excited I wanted to tell everyone! :D

So.  That is my big news.  The other 20 teachers are so incredibly talented and wonderful and I am so excited and nervous to be included in the line up.  Oh my gosh!!  This was a big yes moment for me and I have had more than one crisis moment of oh my gosh can I actually do this.  But yes.  Yes I can and I will be of course or else Connie will be after me!!  :)

I have taken the 21 Secrets classes since they first began so I am very honoured to now be taking a workshop myself.  They are changing a little next year…

In Connie’s words: 21 SECRETS is celebrating itʼs fifth year of delivering inspiring art journaling workshops with a total make-over! 21 SECRETS is now a downloadable eBook with all 21 workshops beautifully contained and at your access 24/7. Not only do you pick and choose which workshops you do when–but you now get to keep these workshops
forever and ever! Plus–there is both a private Facebook community and Flickr gallery
where you can share, receive feedback, and meet others art journaling along with you!

Exciting news all around.  I tell you!

My class is titled “Fly baby Fly!”.  In light of how I have been feeling during September, I have actually been working through some prompts I am going to use…we teach what we most need to learn as it happens.  I so hope that people will find it useful…and of course fun!!

The official words to describe my workshop are:
In Fly Baby Fly! weʼll use writing prompts to explore where weʼve come from, what our strengths are, and where our hearts wish to soar. From there, I will guide you in making mixed media feathers that we will use in our art journals to build wings that best represent our own personal journey into flight.

Here is the link again to find out more about the class.  I do want to point out that it is an affiliate link.  So if you click on it and make a purchase, I will get a percentage.  Which I would be most grateful for.  :)

Also…I will be having another giveaway in the near future, for a spot in the class!

Honestly I have so many exciting ideas about this workshop.  I am so juiced up about the potential of how this could look in our art journal pages, in my art journal pages.  I am already experimenting.  So excited!

And look at all the other teachers…

21 SECRETS Spring Collage

Squealing with joy and excitement!!


How time flies

Especially it seems when you have run out of words.  I have been in some crazy mute stage, that I think looking back over the last couple of years always tends to happen in the same phase.  I don’t know what it is about August-September, but I am back with my right words.  :)

As I type that it may actually be part of my creative cycle.  Also perhaps would have been easier to come back if I did not fight it and beat myself up for not coming here calling myself a lazy person.  Perhaps a note for if this happens next year may be to show myself some grace for September!

In any event I have still been arting, even if I did run out of words.  Also…in big news around here, one of the proposals I was working on for the organisation I was contracting for was shortlisted and they have been asked to make a presentation to the government department in that area and have asked me to help present!!  Which was a huge honour.  Very exciting non art news.

I am four weeks behind in showin my 52 cards so will show those all here today.  My version of attempting to catch up.  Then I have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT later today.  I can barely keep my mouth shut around it.  Then sharing some mail art and art journal stuff later in the week.  I have already scheduled the posts which makes me feel very organised!!  :)

In other BIG news I got my firs big girl camera.  I finally made a decision and it is beautiful.  A little nerve-wracking to use, but I also got a book on my kindle that I am going to work my way through.  I do however see how you can spend a fortune on lenses.  I did not fully appreciate that before.  Now…oh my gosh.  I get it.

This could be a very expensive hobby…

But look…isn’t she beautiful??

My first big girl camera! #veryexcitedSo on to my 52 cards.  Beginning with card 30!!!

Card #30/52

Card 30 was actually painted using my daughters left over paints from when she had finished painting.  I was feeling a bit lazy and didn’t want to get out one of my art journals to put the left over paints there like I normally would. 

I can see here how uninspired I was feeling and trying to reassure myself that my creative mojo was going to come back, so I would not feel like I had fallen from the fly forever. Though honestly I had a few doubts as I wondered about I was really doing here.

Card 31:
Card #31/52The stamp was made with staz on ink.  A new purchase and oh my gosh how I love that ink pad is permanent. Though it is very smelly.  But lovely.  With one of my homemade stamps no less.  :)

Still dithering and asking questions…so many questions.  It really is interesting looking back and writing about it now because it does symbolise my angst about what I was doing.  I had so many plans for posts and really could barely make myself go near the computer!!  Grace for September is clearly needed.  I am going to make sure I have a plan in place for next year!

Card 32:
Card #32/52Starting to take more affirmative action…plugging away behind the scenes and also this week I began creating a bit more.  I think this was the week I had no more contract work and honestly I did not a lot more than rest.  In fact maybe that is why I ran out of words here.  I was so busy writing reports and I had no more to give…watch me make justifications for not posting!?!

Card 33:
Card #33/52And then card 33…I have been much more immersed in art last week.  I do feel a bit better about where I am going and what I have to offer here. I have all sorts of sparkling plans.  :)

I do wonder also as I am writing these words that I stopped my morning pages…I suspect that has contributed to me drifting.  Back to those then without delay!!

To find out more about these 52 cards…found words and images on a playing card, please visit Teresa where she explains so wonderfully the whys of the cards and has such inspiring wisdom in her words.  They guide me every time I read them. 

Thank you in advance for having me back.  I do feel back! :)