Rocking moments from the last couple of weeks and a camera question

Gosh it has been that long, it feels like I am barely coming up for air at the moment, which I am not complaining about at all…the extra money will provide some much appreciated breathing room, but trying to manage everything and keep everything updated is proving more difficult than I imagined. Though my laundry is up to date as from today, if not yet folded and actually put away…small things!  :)

My camera question is right at the end, so I am begging you if you know about DSLR’s to read to the end, and I am linking up to Virginia’s rocking moment recorders, who are a steadily growing group, though new rocking moment recorders are always welcome! :)

RYWSo one of the most rocking things has to be the contract work I am doing, drafting Action Plans for collaborative youth services across an entire community, and working on funding proposals for new initiatives you found in your research is very satisfying work…even if it makes me feel a little brain dead in other areas.  I feel like I am making a real difference and doing something worthwhile, which is exciting.  I also hasten to add that I think motherhood is definitely making a difference and worthwhile, but the financial pay is terrible I have found…and so is arranging holidays!!  :)  I think there is only another couple of weeks left of the work so I want to make the most of it. Especially coming into Christmas.

Which brings me on to another rocking moment, because as of last week I have bought four Christmas presents for this Christmas…I feel very organised…even if they are part presents…surely it is super organised and on top of life if you are Christmas shopping in September!? :D  If you have finished your Christmas shopping back in June I am okay if you don’t mention that!! haha

After the last big earthquake I was talking to my aunt and we decided we would go up for a weekend, she lives on a farm a few hours away and has baby calves and lambs that the children were able to feed.  It took a while to come up with a date that worked…in amongst the end of winter sports (YAY!) and St John’s Competitions and their stuff, but we finally came up with last weekend that worked for everyone, and as it turned out it was perfect timing.  It was so good to spend time with my aunt and uncle and my kindle.  Just doing nothing the whole weekend.  I felt ready for last week!  I snapped the first photo on the way up on Friday night just as the sun was setting about half way into the trip.

On the road as the sun sets. Heading to my aunt's farm. #gumbootspacked #girlchildexcitedforbabyanimals

phone 570

phone 571

phone 536

phone 544

phone 549

phone 552

phone 576Also in relation to the St John’s competitions Victoria managed a first, two seconds and two thirds in six events, and second overall in the 6-8 year age group…not much to complain about, though I have to admit I saw all her events and was a little surprised when my beloved told me the final results.  Clearly I would marked harder (which I do feel mean Mum about) and wonder if they gave bonus points to her and her partner for been so little and cute…though I did not see the other children who were competing.  In any event go her.  The competitions coincided with the last rugby game of the year for Sebastian, so that was a bit of a mission in military organisation.  Particularly in organising the plate for the rugby prize-giving that afternoon.

A few weeks ago I dropped my phone and it still worked but it was glitchy (though I was hesitant to say anything to anyone without having to confess what I had done to it).  The keyboard often didn’t come up when you touched the screen and it was a bit difficult to turn it on, but it still mostly worked for the basics.  So I left it (and besides it was less of a priority to sort out and devote time to than my laundry which is now nearly up to date in case I haven’t mentioned it!!  :)) Though it was a pain because I tended to read my blog reader on my phone, and the keyboard did not like blog comment boxes, but moving on…

I got a phone call on Friday and my phone was now off contract and they wanted to offer me a deal to sign up for another 24 months…which involved me getting a BRAND NEW SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 for FREE.  So I thought about it for all of 30 seconds before I agreed it was a good idea. Though I then proceeded to change my mind a few times about the extravagance, before I actually got it yesterday.

Oh my gosh…who knew I had been missing out on so much with my old phone when it was fully working.  It is a wonder, and this week I will be able to concentrate fully on getting my blog reader up to date, with a working key board and all.  And the phone camera…so much better than the crappy one I have been using.  It is all quite exciting.

And it was free so it felt like Christmas.  Very exciting.  I also realise that until last night I had no idea about how little my “smart phone” was lacking in some of the features other people have had.  I was geeking out about it, and my Beloved couldn’t understand the fuss…until I gave him some examples from my phone.  Still will take me a little while to suss out the navigation completely, especially with this working gig and laundry!

One of the other exciting things about the upgrade is that now I can have an updated Facebook app, which means I can now share my instagram photos to facebook…which I have been unable to do since June this year!!  I discovered on my google research that it was because my facebook app was not up to date, but my phone did not have the memory for that so I had to let it be.

This photo was my test (and it successfully posted to facebook)…as we slowly teach Miss 6 to ride without trainer wheels…how I wish we had never put those things on her bike!!

Learning to ride with no trainer wheels...slowly... My other rocking moments have been my beloved and children not mentioning the growing dirty laundry pile and for doing a lot more around the house than they normally do (mostly without the motivation of a snarky mother making martyr comments). I am very grateful though I need to stifle the urge to get up and do it when I hear them doing something. It is not that I don’t trust them to do it to a certain standard…I am not that strict of a housekeeper to be honest (if you had not yet guessed! ;) ), but I feel guilty not doing it…what is that and where did it come from??

I have to remind myself I am doing other stuff and the fact my beloved is doing some sort of cleaning around the house is not some personal judgement about my lack. I struggle a bit with making that not about my stuff though…one of the drawbacks abut working from home I think. If I wasn’t here I wouldn’t know it was happening, and would come home just pleased it was done!!

Now…for my big camera question. With this money I am getting I am diverting some of it to getting me my first DSLR camera. All very exciting. (VERY EXCITING…this may even mean more to me than an engagement ring I will get one day from my Beloved…well maybe it is about even, lest he thinks he has an escape from that bit of jewellery :)) A lot of the money from this contracting work is been diverted into much more boring areas, like bills and house bits, but knowing I am going to be getting a new camera makes everything okay (and the breathing room it is creating is such a massive stress relief)! I am very, very excited. I have been wanting this for a very LONG time.

I think I have narrowed down the camera I am getting to a Canon EOS 700D, or in American Language (:)) a Canon Rebel T5i. Although if you have other advice or suggestions I will gladly take it!, my money has not yet come in so I have not yet committed! :) BUT what I want to know is that I am split between two different packs. There is the twin lens pack with two lenses, an EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II and an EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS, and the Super Lens pack is one lens the EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM.

I am clueless about which one to get, and which one is better. Both the sets are around the same price, so I have no idea about what to start with. So if you know about such wondrous stuff, could you please help me out. I have gone backwards and forwards and all around about and am still dithering in the middle with no clear steps in either direction, I read one thing and take a step in one direction, and then read something else and take a step in the other direction…no clear direction has won out though. It is a lot of money for me to spend/invest on me (and my family of course!! :) haha), and I really want to make the best choice. So I thought maybe if you knew something about DSLR cameras you could help me maybe, if you wouldn’t mind! :) I would be ever so grateful.


Still here

Is it a sign when you have to log back in to WordPress that you have been missing in action for too long??

Gosh.  I just took photos of my latest “My 52 Cards” card and realised that I had not taken photos of the one before that.  Aaargh!!  Life has gotten away from me in real life (evidenced by my laundry pile and library overdue fines) which means I have been away from here as I try and keep up.  I feel like I am so scattered that I am letting a lot of balls fall but I am here checking in, and hopefully semi keeping the ball from smashing heavily down to earth!

I have been working essentially full time in proper paid work which has been great, the extra money will give us some breathing room, that is for sure, and I love the research/analysis work I have been doing.  Work that makes you feel like you are making a difference.  I am especially grateful for sanity that I have been able to do it from home which has helped a lot with managing children, though it has not been without some teething problems as I am available a bit less and things still need to happen…I may have had a couple of unsexy meltdowns as the reality of not been fully available and able to do EVERYTHING became realised by all but we have gotten to here relatively in tact!! .

I would even love it was more permanent, though I think it is only for another couple of weeks so I am making the most of it, though I would have to also be a whole lot more organised if it was more permanent!!  Also I am going to buy myself a new camera, which is also *squee* exciting and I am looking forward to doing the research on that. And then actually buying it.  I will warn you because I suspect I will become very excited about taking photos again!! :)

Still I know I am behind on things including blog reading, but I am trying to get my blog reader back up to day…so expect flurries of comments in little bursts!!  I suspect some of the scattered feeling is also because I have not been doing my morning pages very regularly…note to self!!  But I am trying not to self-flagellate myself with some of my more recent negative self-talk about how crap I am doing and exercise a bit more self-compassion.

So…a bit of an update and catch up.

First I was over here briefly…with this.
Channelling Jackson Pollock

Channelling Jackson Pollock Close up

I cannot stress how much fun this was.  it makes me smile thinking about it even now.  In the middle of all this contracting work, where I have had moments of wondering if I am good enough to do it, flinging paint is a most excellent stress reliever…

And my latest 52 card contributions.

Heading for happy #26/52

This one was done in the midst of been so exhausted from working and mothering (is there a difference sometimes) and I look at it now, and see how emotionally heavy I felt, but still somewhat positive and on track towards the bigger picture. At least an awareness that I shouldn’t get hung up on the heaviness, though with my depression journey I am always especially conscious of feeling heavy, to keep a careful eye that it doesn’t go further.

My last one was this:

Here #27/52

A lot lighter, also done when we were just home from spending a weekend on my Aunt’s farm a few hours away. I did not a lot more than read my kindle and soak in the sun, and it gave me some breathing space from everything that was so needed.

Reflected by the words I chose!! :)

I will be back tomorrow with another post and more photos! So as not to wear out my welcome.