Bedding in the practice

RYWLinking up with Virginia’s rocking ladies over here.

To be honest I was going to take this week off, I was pretty sure I had not a lot to contribute, but the practice of finding those rocking sparkly moments is even more necessary in those times that you are not sure they exist, so I am here.  The funny thing is that when I got here to rustle up some words, I realised I did in fact have rocking moments to share.  It is curious that events that occur later can shadow and cloud what has gone on before.  A lesson to be learned.

So.  I am grateful for my beloved.  Truly grateful that he is who he is, and he is alive here with me.  I love that man so incredibly much and I am grateful he feels the same sort of way!!   Well he better!  :D

The children are right near the top of that list as well, bit of them make me so proud even when they are driving me insane and I am so pleased they are forging their own independence ways, even if I don’t always see eye to eye with them.  I would rather have these learning experiences with them, than have one of those mythical children who barely say boo and never get into trouble. (Though to be honest I sometimes need to remind myself of that!!) :)

I am grateful for magnolia’s again.  Also that while taking photos (while I was meant to be exercising), I receive text messages to tell me my instagram will look gorgeous but where is the sweat?!  I love that sense of connection in my little community.  It is one thing to have all of you people around me and to feel that connection but it is wonderful to have a sense of that a bit closer to me as well.  I am grateful.

Winter is nearly over... #magnoliamagic

Distracted by #magnoliamagic on my walk/jog/photo-taking this morning!

Also I ordered a zine from this lovely soul over here and it arrived this week with perfect timing and I love it. It is all kinds of wonderful wordy goodness. So irreverent and glorious and it made me laugh.


I had a Skype call with this inspirational wonder who sparks possibilities and casts such a warm glow that she lights you up with your own potential even if you don’t fully see it. A truly magical moment of this week in so many ways. I hope we are able to do it again.

I am also grateful for my local library and the ability to borrow books and read them, it is such a genius service, I am also grateful to the person who invented libraries.

Also, I know I have banged on about our Winter, but it was on the news the other night that it has been the warmest one in over 100 years…it was not just me is what I am pointing out…that it really has been a lot milder. I normally am not a HUGE fan of Winter, I detest feeling cold (especially cold toes), I am such a snake preferring to soak up the heat of Summer, though I admit maybe the amount of words I have devoted to our mild Winter is a bit of an overkill. These will be the last ones I mention this year (also easy to promise because Spring is nearly here!!)

Finally I received a call about some contract work last week and am very grateful to be able to do that work this week in amongst my other creative pursuits. It certainly eases the budget a little as well. Universe I am open to more in case you are listening!!

I am also grateful for your kind comments, they have cheered me up so much this week. Thank you for the kind and lovely comments you make. I appreciate all of them.

I hope everyone is having a fabulous week.


4 thoughts on “Bedding in the practice

  1. Ooh, I envy you & your call with T.!! How awesome is that!? Beautiful, rocking good moments, indeed! And I can so relate to your comments about the children…I too have one wild little rascal, but I am blessed to have her exactly as she is (although the word “challenging” sometimes is not enough to describe the happenings here! Lol!) Enjoy the remaining mild winter & cheers to your soon arrival of Spring!

  2. You see, with all this weather talk – you could almost be British ;) I swear we are having some kind of global weather change – the season’s aren’t the same any more.

    Am so with you on the kiddiwinks. I love mine for their sarcastic humour, their thoughtful responses, their hard work… I just have to remind myself when I am feeling the Hulk twitching rage sometimes. Especially with madam 5 year old at the mo!

    So many positives and you are right – when you are feeling like there is nothing is EXACTLY when we need to do this exercise. Sending you big hugs Natasha – prepare for some spammage as am *trying* to have a catch up day today :)

  3. Yep that is exactly what Rocking is all about, no matter how hard life gets and let’s be honest it really can get a little on the tedious and difficult side sometimes, stepping back and being grateful really does make the world of difference. I often sit here in front of the PC with a fresh blog post and think – what on earth have I got that has been rocking and then there will be a single spark and away it goes and I type and type and type and realise that actually I’ve got an awful lot to be grateful for!

    On the Winter front you mention it as much as you want, you’ll know doubt get the reciprocal blog posts from all us here in Britain when Winter hits, I love the fact that we communicate and yet you live in a completely different season to us – mad I tell you!

    Hugs and hope you have had a great week.

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