Feeling stuck and sitting with it

Visual Quest WIP

This is my painting for Pixie’s online workshop.  It has been in this state for nearly a week and has not moved.  I love it at the moment, and I feel stuck about ruining it.  The energy and colours (it is more teal turquoise than the blue it seems in this photo), I like it a lot.  Too much.  I am very attached to this layer.

I know that you are meant to take a photo and then add another layer.  Begin again, but I feel a bit stuck.  Also I am not feeling inclined to force myself to add another layer (or is that too chicken).  So it sits here for now.  And I am beginning work on another canvas.

Feeling a lot like a cheat, but trusting that I will eventually find the way to finish it.

This is also, I realise, how I end up with so many unfinished pieces!!


10 thoughts on “Feeling stuck and sitting with it

  1. Sometimes it helps to do just that…step away & let it be for awhile…or forever! :) I find it hard too when I am attached to a certain layer. Your painting IS beautiful!!

  2. I think working on a canvas is an excellent idea!

    Don’t rush it. Let it marinate. The time will be right when you come back to it.
    Don’t force.

    I do sort of love this layer too … a LOT.
    I commented yesterday on someone’s work-in-progress photo that it is difficult sometimes to post wip photos. Other people get really attached to them. I am usually not. I will scrub away, paint over, do whatever the spirit leads me to do. But then other people don’t understand. They see each stage as complete.

    anyway … applauding your bravery to paint, to let it sit, to move on, to circle back, to post it here. It is all fearless.

  3. Heck yeah, set it aside and come back to it. I do have several unfinished paintings too. And some that stay unfinished so long, that as I continue discovering my style, when I finally come back to it – my style has changed and I lose interest in it!

  4. I fall in love with many layers of canvas, and sometimes I fall in love so much that I attempt to create another canvas that is similar {although it never is} and then mess with the one that I like least. It works for me!

  5. Sometimes layers are overrated. :) I understand this is a good exercise if you’re afraid to do layers but I feel like you should stop if you love something so much you’re afraid of ruining it. No need to stress over.

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