Dream so much more (Card #24/52)

{Deep breath}  Card #24.  This year is spinning by.

This card was made in the middle of some very left-brained contract work, taking a brief pause because I am committed to doing this on a Sunday even if Sunday has other plans (combined with my procrastination Spring Cleaning of the house!!!)

Dream so much more (#24/52)

I grabbed what was around me at first, but there were words missing, so I grabbed another magazine, and the other words actually came from an insert in the magazine that fell out on the way.  As I picked it up I saw it was for fitness equipment and I was going to throw it in the recycling, but a couple of the phrases grabbed me on the way.

I wonder sometimes if those finds are serendipitous or laziness because I was on a tight deadline, sometimes I wonder what influences the other.  Sometimes I maybe think too much!!  :D

In any event this was the card that was finished last night.

The first words to be glued on were “Starts”, “so much more” and “a shortcut”.  The other words slowly built up around them.  Despite the gaps between those words I love the way the other words fit in to the gaps, last night there was “no time for playing” so words were glued down straight away or discarded.  Reading it now, I love the way they fit together to fill the space.

Part way through I wondered what I was going to end up with, but in the end it works out…if I keep listening to my gut about what words to use, and don’t try to force other “maybe” words in.  There is a lesson in there as well! haha

I hope you all have a fantabulous week filled with life and love and laughter. Also tingly spines!

This card is made on a playing card from a deck as per Teresa’s inspiration over at Right Brained Planner.  A weekly moment of pause and reflection on a playing card, easy to fit in but such a powerful practice.  Teresa’s post this week talks about avoiding having everything in final format, a lesson I needed to hear at just this moment.  The draft version is sometimes enough.


3 thoughts on “Dream so much more (Card #24/52)

  1. You rock, my friend, because you didn’t let anything get in the way of your card!! I, on the other hand, have yet to make mine & it’s driving me a little nuts now ;) GREAT stuff here, as always, Natasha, thank you for sharing with us!!

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