In my sketchbook

I thought I would share some of my recent sketchbook pages today.  It is no accident that they are filled with animals given I am in the middle of Pixie’s class.

It has been an interesting process, the sketching in combination with Shamanic journeying.  It will also be interesting to see if the sketches end up coming through n my art, and in what way the practice will feed into other areas.

I am trying not to get too far ahead of myself and to keep out of my own way a bit.

Playing with colour and pattern. I am quite drawn to this earth palette at the moment.

Colour and pattern

This sketch of a slug, they have been appearing in abundance for me. Unfortunately many of them have been in my vege garden. But they have been turning up in some odd places like well like randomly from heaven on my bathroom floor?! Not entirely sexy really, but I do wonder if it is some sort of totem animal for me…and they have come up for me before like here. The gift they have to offer is quite powerful and in many ways appropriate for me so who knows!? :)

Slug Sketch

Sketches of shadowy creatures…

Shadow Sketch

This. This may be my favourite sketch. I am loving sketching with my neocolor IIs at the moment.

Crab Sketch

This fierce guide made an appearance as well, completely unexpectedly. :)

Shark Sketch

A bear popped in as well, just for a brief moment but she made a lasting impression.

Bear Sketch

Bear Sketch

It is an interesting process for me and I am trying not to interfere too much and just trust in the process. Looking up the meanings of the animals afterwards has also been filled with potential insight as well.

The scribblings are notes from my shamanic journeying or insights about the animals/creatures I wanted to note down.  It just depends what is closer on whether I reach for my sketchbook or for my journal.


10 thoughts on “In my sketchbook

  1. Wow your animal paintings are amazing, loving the bear one! The slug one reminded me of the stop off at a grocery store we had yesterday, there was a snail stuck to the sign on the specific word bakery, made me think he might be hungry LOL!

  2. Wow, what an interesting process! Slugs as your guide?! Really??!! We have big frilly orange ones and I loathe them :/ But luckily you are not frilly or orange so I don’t loathe you ;)

    You really seem to be making the most of Pixie’s class, your sketchbook drawings are fab.


  3. Nice collection of sketches. I feel the power in them. I see why you like the crab sketch; I am drawn to it, too. I think it’s the swirly vortex of magic on its shell that does it. :)

  4. This sounds like such an interesting class! I adore your sketches, especially the crab & the bear! Your work & your words are always inspiring. Slugs…ugh…you brought back childhood memories for me…lol…there used to be a ton of them on the streets in late August in my neighborhood…one never knows what holds clues for us! ;)

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