Rocking this week

RYWLinking up with Virginia and the girls over here.  Come join in the gratitude sharing, it really makes a difference when you see your blessings written out.  :)

I mentioned before, but I was elected on to the Board of Trustee’s at my children’s school and then I became chair person and this week I had to run my first meeting and I was very, very nervous.  There are some amazing people on the board and I was very intimidated in case I stuffed up completely but they were all very kind and we finished on time.  I was so relieved to have the first meeting out of the way.  I have some training coming up on running effective meetings and figure things can only improve from now, so very grateful to have that first meeting over and no massive problems.  :)

{deep breath}

I got some contract work this week which I am very grateful for, but it was unexpected so I am now very busy as I have swiftly changed my plans mid-course.  It has reminded me how much I actually enjoy report writing, it is a nice complement to the creative side of me.

I am very grateful for my beloved who stepped up to the plate like a brave trouper when I had a small meltdown of overwhelm, before I got stuck in and made a list of what I had to do and began to focus.

I am also grateful for friends who tell me to open the wine when I phone them with children frustrations and they can hear the cacophony in the background.  Also that they stayed on the phone with me while I drank my glass of wine so I was not drinking alone.  :D

I was talking to my daughter’s teacher and she told me about this new thing they had just done in her house, based on something that her daughter’s teacher used in the class room. It had made her mornings easier with her children, so I went home immediately and painted it and so far more peace has been had, though it has had a few unexpected teething problems as well. Touch wood this will bring a lot more peace however, today it has gone a lot better than yesterday. Also…ka pai is Maori for good, and ka kino is Maori for not so good…in case you were wondering. :) Like a public service announcement!! haha

New reward chart for the kidlets is ready to go live! #crossingmyfingersforpeace

There was a just another giant earthquake (6.9) but thankfully I missed it and didn’t feel it on my way to get the children, so I am very grateful for that right now, as I feel much less anxious than I did last time, even with all the aftershocks.

Victoria had a playdate with a friend of hers at school, who happens to be a boy. She has been the subject of much of her brothers teasing with rhymes involving trees and kissing. She had a fantastic time though, and wrote a beautiful note that she showed me when she was finished. I love that she clarified she loved him as a friend, not anything else untoward happening there!! :)

Miss 6 had a play date yesterday and wrote a note last night. I love she clarified she only loved him as a friend after her brother's teasing all week.

My class with Pixie Campbell is going great and I have been playing with this off and on in between my contract work which is the perfect combination.

Visual Quest WIPIt is big, over half a metre and it pleases me. There is a part of me that wants to stop now before I ruin it. But I will always have the photo! :)

{Also just had another big aftershock and maybe I am not as calm as I thought I was!!}

I won this giveaway some time ago over at Sunshineshelle, and it arrived today. I have thought about it on and off but it felt rude to enquire if she hadn’t sent it, but when it arrived today I had completely forgotten so it was complete glee that I discovered what it was. I LOVE IT. Completely excited me in an insane way, she is such an amazing painter!! It is so much more amazing in person than even the photo I just noticed, stunning I tell you!

And that is me this week. I have just received some other not so rocking news, so I will say to hold your babies tight and tell them you love them.

Hope you all have a most wonderful weekend.



9 thoughts on “Rocking this week

  1. It sounds as though your world is rocking a little too much right now. I hope it all settles down soon. The morning board is a good idea. It is good to start the day with relative calm and order. Stay safe. Hugs. Kate x

  2. So many beautiful rocking moments, loving the chart, we had charts for said 12 year old when he was younger and designated naughty step, it’s when he trudge off on his own and I go and find him sat on the naughty step saying “I know I know” which made me think that it might possibly not be working! WTG on getting that first meeting done with, Chairing a meeting always sounds like a huge responsibility so I’m glad you got it out of the way and hope the training makes you feel more comfortable in your role! Phone a friend who prescribes wine- now that’s my kind of friend, sometimes we need that ability to take a deep intake of breath and just relax a little – fabulous stuff! I adore the letter to Hunter, so utterly gorgeous and well your artwork is breathtaking, I love it – thank you for sharing it!

    May you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead.

    Much love

  3. Well done on a successful running of your first meeting…they are always the most daunting! It sounds like things are busy in your house at the moment so I hope they ease off a little soon. Love the board! thanks for sharing. Caro x (#4)

  4. Sounds like a very positive week…not sure I would enjoy the actual rocking of my world like you have had.
    Beautiful artwork – such lovely colours.
    Have a wonderful week to come.
    Toni xx

  5. You are going to ROCK that Board of Trustees!! I LOVE that sign you painted for your kids…I think I need it for me! ;) And yes, I agree with the above comment, I too will share a glass of wine with you anytime ;) Great week! Keep rockin’ it! (figuratively, not in the earthquakey way!)

  6. Congrats on the win from Shelle! She is an amazing artist! You have had a busy week! So happy the first meeting went well and congrats on the contract work! I think the note from your daughter, to the boy, is so sweet! Big Hugs and be well ;o)

  7. Wow, one way or another life is a rollercoaster for you right now, isn’t it?!

    I love that chart, what a wonderfully creative and visual way of showing the children acceptable behaviour. Keep reinforcing those boundaries now, it makes life so much easier later on.

    Congrats on your first successful meeting, that was no mean feat as everyone comes to the table with their own agenda!

    I think Victoria’s letter to her friend is very sensible, they both know where they stand. I think this is an idea that should be adopted by everyone embarking on any type of friendship, just to avoid confusion!!

    Have a great week,


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