Reflections on time

My card for last week…card #23/52.

I didn’t realise until the card was finished that there were a lot of time references on the card…even an old clock hand from a long broken clock. Clearly time and my use of it has been in my mind recently (quite a lot actually).

Time reflection

I have been aiming to do at least one thing a day towards creating the life want and have reorganised the way I use time and prioritise my time so it was interesting to see what phrases I was attracted to this week.

The card background was some of Victoria’s art, she can be quite prolific, and in an attempt to avoid cleaning up she then gifts me all her efforts so I end up tidying it…such a generous (and very clever) soul.

At the moment I have a lot going on, some art stuff, some contract stuff, a to-do list that is growing ever longer with household chores, but so far I am keeping my head above water…though sometimes I have moments that I wonder (household chores are missing out on attention until the weekend this week). Overall though, it does feel like things are coming together and doors are beginning to open for me that I am very grateful for. Hello tomorrow indeed. :)

To find out more about this project of weekly reflection on a deck of cards check out Teresa’s words here.  My cards are totally inspired by her wisdom and affirmation which I am very grateful for.  :)


4 thoughts on “Reflections on time

  1. I always enjoy the thoughts behind your cards! Sounds like you are managing it all quite well! I am completely hooked on this project! And thank you for your recent, lovely comments on my blog, they made me smile!

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