Victoria’s Daily Paper Challenges #1-8

As promised by a very indulgent mother here are all Victoria’s cards with none of my art anywhere to be seen. She is doing the Daily Paper Prompts that you can find over at Tammy’s website here.

Daily Paper Prompt #1:

A watercolour rainbow – an easy start for my rainbow girl.
Victoria (6) DPP 1Daily Paper Prompt #2:

She came up with the design and asked me to help cut one bit she was struggling with, but her face was not any further than 30cm’s away as she made sure I did not ruin the card.  I have to say when I told her window I saw something a lot simpler like a square!!  I love what she came up with however!
Victoria (6) DPP 2

Daily Paper Prompt #3:

Victoria got into the drips and loved this card.  In fact it spawned a little series of drip art this day!  :)
Victoria (6) DPP 3

Daily Paper Prompt #4:

Flowers bloomed on her card.  :)
Victoria (6) DPP 4

Daily Paper Prompt #5:

A maze was done this day for which she drew in the answer to assist us.  You will note on the second dead end that there is a shark swimming in the bottom.  If you make it to the end you will be met with a teddy, lollies and a present!
Victoria (6) DPP 5

Daily Paper Prompt #6:

This took Victoria a while as she decided for what of her many skills she would give herself a certificate (you think I jest, but over half an hour was spent wallowing on the couch that she could not decide what talent to reward – modesty was not a contender).  In the end she decided on singing and dancing, and even more luckily for us she came up with the idea to make a stand so this can be free standing and on display for all (as you can see below!!  :)
Victoria (6) DPP 6

Victoria (6) DPP 6 Back

Daily Paper Prompt #7:

She was very excited to recycle the paper we had under her drippy creations!
Victoria (6) DPP 7

Daily Paper Prompt #8:

She loved creating faded work.  This spawned a series as well, she LOVED spraying the neocolors with water and then dabbing off the colour.
Victoria (6) DPP 8

And these are her first 8 cards, I thank you in advance for any comments, you will make a certain 6 year old’s day.

Thank you.  :)


12 thoughts on “Victoria’s Daily Paper Challenges #1-8

  1. You have a budding artist on your hands!!!! I think she could have given herself a certificate for doing art as well as singing and dancing!!!! Good going!!!!

  2. These are great! I’m always proud to see the next generation of artists blooming. :) That drip card is fantastic! And, perhaps she should have also considered awarding herself the certificate for “artist”. :)

  3. These are wonderfull. So cool to see how fearless a young girl approaches the prompts which I am too scared for to take a try on!

  4. Wonderful work Victoria! I think you should make yourself another certificate to say that you are a fantastic artist :)

  5. Victoria, I am sorry that I missed your delicious rainbows when you shared them a few months ago. I am proud of you for experimenting with so many techniques like dripping paints. I think the maze is quite tricky!

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