Rocking moments noted

RYWJoining up with Virginia and the other rockettes as we all note our shiny moments.

It has been a couple of weeks so I have a few to note.

Sebastian turned 10!!!  I don’t know where all that time has gone, but he had a most glorious birthday week topped off with a sleepover with his friends and a most gorgeous, explosive firework display (which may or may not have been a public mid-winter event, though he may understand it was a planned event by his mother to celebrate the last day he was ten!).  The boys eventually went to sleep and a good time was had by all, and they were all well behaved.

It led to a nice quiet period as well! :D

The boy-child's 10th birthday sleepover has taken hostages...The birthday countdown calendar was much anticipated by my boy-child and lived up to his expectations.

7 more sleeps until Sebastian turns 10. The birthday countdown is now on! #wherehasthetimegone

One more sleep until he is 10. No more sleeps until we have a house filled with boys to stay the night.The weather has been so glorious, with a ridiculous amount of sun. I should google the statistics, but I am pretty sure we would have the lowest rainfall/most sun ever recorded in winter. It is very Spring like…

Which gives me a nice segue (so I am claiming!) into talking about flowers. Most directly related to Spring are these beauties that I saw!

Oh my gosh! I am claiming Spring!! #magnoliaexcitement

Magnolias!! Spring is here!! Exclamation marks and joy abounds. I may also have nearly got run over as I was so excited when I spotted them, road rules were discarded in the excitement of getting the photo and claiming spring.

Also the heady scent of Daphne, with all our sun we have still had some frosty mornings and in that cool crisp air, the scent of Daphne blooms completely fills me with joy. Though I can’t always spot where they are, they are one of my winter joys.

Sebastian’s godparents took him and his sister to the movies and before the movie he won a prize on one of those claw vending machine things. He has kindly gifted it to his sister and she has been toting it around with her everywhere. It was more luck than skill because I have it on good authority they paid for the soft toy as they tried to repeat the event! :D

With the soft toy her brother one on one of those claw machines. #yesitiswinter

This week cold germs have returned to the house with each child requiring a day off school, which is not good, but what is good is the complete absence of whining and whinging and demands, that leaves me with so much more compassion for my patients (particularly when I am ill as well), though I will never be mistaken for Florence Nightingale I am sure. :)

Sebastian entertained himself with his new lego batcave and building the rest of Gotham City and Victoria learnt to French knit.

This is what his sick day looks like.

Learning to french knit. And yes that is a summer dress she is wearing in the middle of winter! #sittingclosetothefireI celebrated mail deliveries with much excitement!!!

Dick Blick popped in!

Very excited by my new delivery. A quick flick through has me very inspired already! @craftywhoopidooThe book Art and Fear: Observations on the Perils (and Rewards) of Artmaking by David Bayles and Ted Orland was a really great motivating read last week which I recommend.

Finally the swelling on my foot has now gone and putting shoes on this morning did not bring me to tears (small things that feel like big things!!) :), I am hoping the beautiful rainbow bruising covering the whole top of my said foot departs any day now. {As a side note: Hutt City Council if you are EVER reading this, when a complaint is made about holes encountered in the dark at public events on council land that are not fenced off, an apology would go a long, long way – just saying}

And that is me for the last couple of weeks, at least all that come to mind right now.  I hope you are all having a most fantabulous weekend.


5 thoughts on “Rocking moments noted

  1. Happy Birthday to your son!! Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate 10! Ooh, yes, Art & Fear, an excellent read! And hooray for you that your gelli plate arrived! I am sure you will be addicted to it, it is so much fun! So glad the winter hasn’t been too harsh down there…our summer will be winding down soon…sigh. Have fun playing with that gelli plate!

  2. A great week.. have fun playing with your Gelli and please share what you make. .. I haven’t got one yet and I’m intrigued to see what it is all about.

  3. Gelli plated goodness -woohoo – can’t wait to see what you create! Loving the birthday countdown – fabulous idea said 12 year old has been on countdown for quite some time!

    Loving the French knitting photo – how gorgeous!

    Magnolia flowers – spring surely on the horizon for you!

    Lego lego and a bit more lego – we have a house full of it and said 12 year old is still asking for some for his birthday – really???

    Loving the grab it prize too – many synchronicities with my own life at the moment – hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead.

    Much love

  4. Awe, WHAT a great idea!!! I LOVE your birthday countdown (mine’s turing 8 next month – I may just copy that ;) and it sounds like the party was a big success! Good luck with the germs :- xoxo

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