Final reflections on ICAD 2013


We are done.  When Victoria first told me that she wanted to do it as well, I was dubious.  My gypsy girl is house-famous for being one of the most distracted creatures on the planet (said with much love and exasperation!), and so I was not expecting her to go past the first week or two.  What made the difference for her I think was all of you commenting, so thank you.  She was eager each week to read what her “fans” said about her cards!!

In any event, her father and I have been quite proud of her dedication to first ICAD and now the Daily Paper Prompts (which will have their own post each week with only her art featured, as per her request!).

My son told me he would do a card every now and again if he was bored, it turned out he was never bored enough, which is a shame, as his comics are quite amazing and it would have been very cool to capture some of that as well.

I knew from last year how valuable this exercise is.  Ideas sparked up everywhere, and there are ideas I want to explore further.  In fact this time around as I realised how close to the end it was, I was a little gutted as I realised some ideas were going to go back on the backburner for a while as I concentrated on some other things I have let go (like my blog reading – my reader is showing an awful number that reminds me how far behind I am!).

This year I really only wanted to use no paint, and I was successful, if you discount the fact I made some of my own painted paper.  I missed paint though and I don’t think I will do that sort of limiting challenge again, Some cards would have been finished off a lot better (to my liking) with a bit of paint, but that was not the purpose of what I was wanting to do this year, so I let that go…sort off.  It always amazes me that the more you do, the more inspired you become and the more ideas explode.  This year was no exception.

I asked Victoria if she had any final words:

“It was really fun, and I worked really, really hard and I am glad my fans liked my cards”

No comment!  :)  Just guffawing.  I adore her.  Though perhaps I need to role model modestly a bit more clearly for her.

Here are our final collections:
Victoria…who was a little worried at my suggestion on how to capture her collection.

Victoria 2013 Collection

And mine…

2013 Collection

I have learnt so much from this challenge. I am so grateful for Tammy. I would also like to thank my daughter, for doing the challenge with me, that was perhaps the best thing about this years challenge for me. I loved seeing her stack of cards develop and fill the box I gave her. She is doing the Daily Paper Prompts on index cards as well (mostly) so her collection is continuing to grow.

I just want to add how amazing it is to me as I flit around the internet seeing what people were doing with their cards, how incredible these creations can be…index cards are so incredibly versatile.


14 thoughts on “Final reflections on ICAD 2013

  1. The cards look wonderful together, Victoria does look slightly worried!
    You look beautiful surrounded by all your lovely cards Victoria.
    It was a really great challenge wasn’t it? I want to follow it up with the daily paper prompt but I will be running a couple of weeks behind. Looking forward to seeing how the pair of you get on.

  2. Two fantastic collections of cards (though maybe you should’ve laid in the middle of your cards? Haha) I love that your daughter participated with you through the challenge–great bonding memories for you two later on, like baking Christmas cookies only better–making art! Can’t wait to see the paper prompts as well!!

  3. Oh my goodness, your beautiful, highly spirited girl is just amazing! Great photo! Please tell her that she has fans in NYC (my 8 1/2 yr. old daughter is now waving “hi”)Beautiful collections of cards! I love that Victoria is continuing with the DPPs!

  4. That’s so cool! It’s been so neat to see the two of your ICAD contributions side-by-side for the past couple months. I love how they sometimes were similar and sometimes were totally different- just like mothers and their kids.
    I just “nominated” you for the Liebster Blogger’s Award. It’s basically a way to share your love with other bloggers. If you want, you can pass it on to other bloggers you like.

  5. Miss V, It takes a lot of creative thinking to make so many pieces of art! I’m proud of you for working towards such a big goal. My favorite cards from your collection are the cards with rainbows. I absolutely adore rainbows and yours are so happy and colorful. You tried a lot of different things with your index cards and I am happy that you shared your work with us. My daughter (11) created 61 beautiful ladies and my daughter (13) created 61 unique and fun drawings. I will post all of them very soon.

  6. Victoria has a big fan in the UK too :) I love how she is displaying her ICADs in the photo although can’t help but feel a little disappointed that her Mommy didn’t display hers in the same way! ICAD is such fun – I have rather a lot to catch up on as I came to a grinding halt when we went on holiday and failed to pick it up again when we got home :(

    I like how you set yourself a specific no-paint rule – I bet it’s wonderful to be able to splash it around again!

  7. This is my first visit to your blog and it was a sure delight! I loved reading your reflections and seeing your daughter with her creations – wonderful!! Thank you for sharing, you have inspired me to reflect on my experience and share it too : )

  8. Great accomplishment for the both of you!!! And… even better… a great sharing and bonding experience. Your daughters cards look quite amazing all laying out together!!!

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