The final five from both of us

I know!  This post is long overdue.  We finished the challenge and then with my son’s 10th birthday week and sleepover preparation, cold bugs, children home sick, bruised swollen feet from holes not blocked off and not visible in the pitch dark (stopping myself before I begin a rant!) and reading, I just lost the impetus to share here or go anywhere near the internet really.  I kept meaning to, and putting it on my to-do list, but I just never got here.  Thank goodness for morning pages and giving myself a kick in the pants, so here I am ready to share the final cards from Victoria and myself.

I have so many bits and pieces going on and have ideas bursting forth, so I have decided to stop here, but my girl-child decided to continue with Tammy’s Daily Paper Prompts, on the condition that I post about them in posts with only her cards and none of my work! :D  I am tempted to mention something about the ego on some people, but I will restrain myself.  :)

So the final cards…

Icad 57:
I was using up scraps from my collage box and Victoria played with her gel pens.

Icad #57

Victoria (6) Icad 57

Icad 58:
I was still using up scraps, can I add how much I like those cards, I am not sure if it is the ease with which I put them together, or how they look. Victoria discovered the day before that if she forced crayons to scribble through tiny sequin waste holes like a grater that they can look like fireworks and this was a technique she loved and decorated everything for a week.

This card was her “True Love” card where when you kiss the one that is your true love you see fireworks exploding in a heart. After she finished explaining it to me, she then asked what colours I saw when I kissed her father, I told her I saw a rainbow of colours, as her father rolled his eyes and guffawed…I chose not to ask what colours he saw, as tempting as that was!!

Icad 58

Victoria (6) Icad 58

Icad 59:
I used more scraps, including a heart made by Victoria in an art project she made at an art gallery and then deconstructed. Victoria was still playing with her firework idea and her idea of love is very much caught up with that clearly, as I dearly hope her mother being a romantic rose-tinted glasses wearing idealist does not set her up for complete disappointment in her life!!

Icad 59

Victoria (6) Icad 59

Icad 60:
I had some scraps of my hand dyed yarn from the scarf I made that I did not want to waste, so threaded it through some hessian (or burlap). Victoria loved that idea and so did her first lot of sewing with more left overs.

Icad 60

Victoria (6) Icad 60

Icad 61:
Our final cards!! Mine used up more scraps, including some of the resin paper, I really love the texture that it gave to the piece, though I am not sure if it is that visible on the left hand side. When I found the words I felt especially clever!! Victoria went through my collage box and grabbed out some scraps, diving on the last part of the adhesive ribbon stuff that I have had lying about for ages.

Icad 61

Victoria (6) Icad 61

And that is the last of our cards!  I have loved doing this challenge with Victoria, I am so proud with the fact that my daughter has remained focussed on finishing, when she can be a most distracted child sometimes.  It would be very cool if she does it with me next year and to see the progression of her cards, and what she is drawn to.

I will be back very soon (the plan is today), with a summary post, with final words from both of us and some images of our entire collections!  :)

Thank you all for your comments and feedback, they have meant the world to both of us.  I particularly want to thank Tammy for her gracious hosting as always.  It is such a valuable exercise, though I will get more into that in my final post.


6 thoughts on “The final five from both of us

  1. Fabulous finale from the two of you!! Kudos to Victoria for going the distance in such an extraordinary way! Loved seeing yours & Victoria’s ards from start to finish! And happy birthday to your son! Double digits! So exciting!

  2. Congratulations Guffawing at the ego! Should that be capital E? Love her!

    Please tell Victoria not to tell Mummy but I could not tell whose sewing was better! And that I love her Rabbit and even sometimes after many years of loving someone the explosions come in small surprise tickles and fizzes instead of bright fireworks and sometimes they are even more special.

    I am still working through ICAD though very, very behind. I am determined to finish though. Do you know, while working on a collab piece yesterday – I reached for an index card as my base – wasn’t till I’d finished and went to trim it and add it to the collab bit that I realised! Still added it – just makes you realise how they work so well!

    Glad to see you back on the t’internet x

  3. I think young Victoria would like her own page on your blog! Good on her, she deserves it! And I seem to remember kids in my class grating crayons and melting them between pages of paper with an iron. I think the paper on top was greaseproof but I’m not sure . . . some research is needed methinks. And yes, I let 6 year olds use the iron (on a low heat) with an adult on hand to supervise.

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