My 52 cards reflections

I have two cards to post in my 52 cards series that are inspired by the generous, wise and inspiring Teresa Robinson.

I cannot recommend the practice enough, a tiny collage on a playing card. It does not seem like a lot (which encourages you to continue), and yet the benefits I have seen in my focus have been so much more than I could have imagined. The act of finding words each week, or where they come from, always makes me gasp. I tend not to go into it with a search for particular words, but look through pamphlets and magazines I have collected for any that jump out at me.

I then begin sticking them down, some that once felt like they could fit, don’t feel right after all and so there is another selection phase that goes on. In every single card I have done in this collection I have been struck at the application of the words to something going on in my life, or to things I have been thinking about, or journalling about, or talking about. Even if not immediately obvious.

Such a powerful practice, my stack of cards have become very precious to me!

My first card to be shown today is card #21!!!!

Questing #21/52

I am feeling like I am at a cross roads a bit. Just a bit unsettled, both good and bad energy and this card is very reflective of that feeling of being on a precipice, where you are not entirely sure where you are going, or going to end up but you step forth anyway with trust. In yourself, and those you have chosen to make connections with.

Also trust that all those little steps we are making and actions we are taking are adding together to create the life we want and put the dreams we are dreaming into reality. Sometimes we need a reminder when doubts and fears about where we are going begin clamouring. Trust and faith is where it is at. And showing up and taking those steps anyway, despite those voices.

{Deep Breath}

My second card was for week 22! So far along already, the little steps really do add up! :)

Noting #22/52

For this one I grabbed the doodles that I did while talking to someone on the phone and taking notes and put that under some pattern tissue paper.

I have just noticed that I used the word quest in both cards!! This card was much more all over the place, which is how I was feeling a bit last week. A bit drifty and behind on everything. This card was really about be noticing all of it, the good and the bad, of which there was both. Sometimes I get very happy surprises as well…the top clipping with the arrow, was the flip side of a word I had put in my “maybe” pile, I decided to use it, but when I turned it over to glue it, I liked that side much more so that is the side I used.

And that is my reflections on the past fortnight! It has been very full. :)


6 thoughts on “My 52 cards reflections

  1. I love the use of playing cards. They’re even smaller than index cards but you’ve done so much with them. I’ve seen some blogs on “found poetry” and these kind of seem like that idea. Your words all fit together in a really poetic, meaningful way. I think the fact that you used “quest” in both is really telling.

  2. Love reading about your cards & your process! So much so that I took the plunge & made my very first one last week! I am thrilled with it & will be creating #2 this week…thank you so much for the inspiration! Hope those aftershocks ave settled down for you now!

  3. I have a card deck waiting, but not sure how I want to “play” it. :-) Yours are beautiful, and how cool to make one each week to reflect upon what was and what is and what might be.

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