Rocking moments

RYWLinking up over at Virginia’s as I record the moments that rocked this week

The biggest thing that rocked my world this week was a 6.5 earthquake (hahahaha), thankfully the aftershocks have dropped to only the one or two that we can feel each day and I am studiously avoiding the website that will tell me how many aftershocks we are actually having for the sake of my anxiety and so I don’t become addicted to red wine!!  :)  Also thankfully we had only a little bit of damage.

I won a spot on Nataša May’s art workshop Cotton Candy Girls which was very thrilling and I am looking forward to it!

Also Pixie Campbell’s Visual Quest workshop is opening very soon and I am most excited to be able to participating. It has been on my wish list all year so I am thrilled to bits that the start date is nearly here!!

I am grateful for ICAD, and so pleased that Victoria and I are up to date and on target to finishing this week (post coming up later today when I have taken and processed photos!!).

It is winter holidays over here, and we have had an awful amount of sun and even been hanging about in t-shirts and shorts.  It helps my sanity greatly to be able send children outside to kill each other where I can’t hear them.  We have also had an extra two boys for three days, so the good weather where three boys can go outside and make as much noise as they want makes me very grateful.

We have also had some crafty days (possibly more than just some!!)…

Craft central around here today...

We have also made playdough…

Keeping her handbag close just in case!?

I am also grateful for art mail making it’s way to my mail box courtesy of Jana at Tangled Pen.

Mail art makes me very happy!

I have thought her birds were amazing since I first saw them and I was so excited when I found one in my envelope.

I HAVE FINISHED THE ARTIST’S WAY AT LONG LAST!!!! I have been trying to finish this book for years and years and years. Even joined an online group last year and I just couldn’t do it, but I have done it this year thanks to making my blog hold me accountable and I am so excited by not only that I have finished (and that would have been enough considering how many times I tried to do this!), but also how much I got out of it.

I am also grateful for my online connections and the lovely comments and motivation I get from all of you. I feel blessed for the support and that I have people who see me in this way.

I am grateful that with some challenges and deadlines coming to an end I will have more time to get to the things I have been neglecting and feeling bad about…bonus time!

I am grateful for my beloved who opened the red wine last Sunday and indulged my high anxiety for the most part, as I did things like fill the bath tub with water in case we had the big one and we had no access to water. Also to my dearest snorting sniggering Wellington-based friends…I would probably still share with you LISA!! Maybe… :)

Sebastian is turning 10 next week, so this is my last week of him being in single digits as he keeps reminding me. It is hard to believe that I have been a mother for a decade (it has gone so fast) and at the same time, being a mother for only a decade, it feels like forever, most of the time in the best of ways! :D

And that is me for this week. I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend. :)


10 thoughts on “Rocking moments

  1. A great post with the exception of the earthquake – I’m not surprised you were cracking open the red wine if I’m honest! WTG you for finishing the unfinishable book – you seem to have got a huge amount out of it as have all your blog readers! Glad you are nearing the end of your ICAD challenge and plan to finish it with gusto and well done Victoria for keeping up with it!

    Winter holidays in shorts and t-shirts unheard of here but I can imagine the need to keep boisterous boys busy outside is more fun than inside.

    Loving the crafting photo and homemade playdough!

    End of challenges/books and the start of new classes and challenges – sounds pretty awesome too and I adore the look of that mail art!

    Hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead.


  2. I’m glad you and the family are ok, from the earthquake! Love the craft pictures ;o) Congrats on the Cotton Candy Girls win ;o) Yeh, on finishing the book ;o)
    Sebastian is turning 10!! Fantastic ;o)
    Happy Day ;o) Have a great weekend ;o)

  3. Glad to hear you and the family are fine despite the earthquake.
    Congratulations on finishing the book and for your workshop win.
    Have a great weekend and hope the week to come also brings lots of lovely positives.
    Toni xx

  4. You inspire me so – so much activity! So much dedication and resolution. I’m jealous of your winter sun, but not the earthquakes. I’ve enjoyed #icad-ing with you (and Victoria) and most definitely look forward to hearing about your Vision Quest experience :)

  5. I’m glad the earthquake didn’t do too much damage! Scary thing…
    It looks like your girl and yourself have/had tons of fun with the icad – really sweet to see the kiddos involved, isn’t it?!
    And of course, I’m really happy that my mail made it down to your side of the world :) …thanks for linking too!!!
    Cheers, Jana

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