Last full week of index cards

We are now on the home stretch!!  This was the last full week of index cards.

Not long to go now.  I am so, so proud of my girl-child for sticking with this.

I would also like to thank everyone especially for the kind comments that are left for her, she reads and luxuriates all of them, and I am pretty sure that is one of her most motivating factors!  :)  She has even had me read some of them out to her grandfather to illustrate her growing fame!!  (Plenty of modesty on those shoulders! :D)

Here are our cards for the week:

Icad 50:
I was playing with circles and scrap paper, while Victoria saw birds in love. (To be honest she did this card a couple of weeks ago and then she misplaced it, we found it this week much to her delight!)

Icad #50

Victoria (6) Icad #50
Victoria (6)

Icad 51:
I was playing with the scraps from yesterday’s card and some circles that did not make it into the mix. I prefer this card, I love that you can see the packaging stamp on the gift bag I cut up and that you can see part of the advertising for the theatre’s seasonal programme I have been using as well. The papers have both been used on a lot of cards this year! The book text was left out for some reason and when I saw it, it seemed right for the card given it came out of the previous card. Victoria cur up some cardstock and pieced it back together.

Icad #51

Victoria (6) Icad #51
Victoria (6)

Icad 52:
I realised last week with my flowers that I had stuffed up the design somewhat so I was not done playing with them yet. This still was not quite what I had in mind! :) Victoria made a bunny with a stencil she has and then added on some decorations around the rabbit.

Icad #52

Victoria (6) Icad #52
Victoria (6)

Icad 53:
I was still playing with the flowers and still not happy. Victoria was exploring heart connections. :)

Icad #53

Victoria (6) Icad #53
Victoria (6)

Icad 54:
I was playing with scraps and Victoria dug out her watercolours.

Icad #54

Victoria (6) Icad #54
Victoria (6)

Icad 55:
I cheated with this one, I was about to throw my burnt incense sticks in the bin and then wondered if I could use them on a card, I saw a clothes line and couldn’t find background papers I wanted so I painted some background paper to use on this card. I do feel a bit bad about it, but I love the background more. :) Victoria was seeing watercolour rainbow trees and cloud hearts.

Icad #55

Victoria (6) Icad #55
Victoria (6)

Icad 56:
I was using up more scraps in my collage box (including the face which was a quick lesson for my boy child on using inktense pencils), and Victoria inked up her fingers and created a family with their dog. The family is loosely based on us, and I notice the boy is unnamed. She has some problems when she discovered that the honorific for a young boy is Master, and after making us prove it to her via the dictionary and google (which is apparently more reliable than my dictionary!), she clearly decided to leave him blank, though I did suggest to her that she could just use “Mr.” as well. She was not happy that her brother have “Mr.” either when he is “just a child like her and she has to have “Miss.”, I personally adore that she even went to that place!!

Icad #56

Victoria (6) Icad #56
Victoria (6)

I am linking up over at Tammy’s where she has recently announced another prompt challenge about to begin after ICAD ends.

To see mine or Victoria’s other index cards you can go here.

I hope you are all have a fantastic weekend!


18 thoughts on “Last full week of index cards

  1. I love the clothes line postcard!! Fantastic! My second favorite is the girl looking up. “Words formed but I couldn’t speak”. Beautiful!
    Victoria, I love your kissing birds! My second favorite is the pink card stock one! Very cool! And, you last postcard had a lot of feeling in it! Well done ;o)
    Big Hugs ;o)

  2. your cards are really beautiful! love that you and your daughter do them together…she will always remember that you encouraged her art. I really like the first one at the top of the post, but the caption on the clothesline card really made me smile!

  3. Fantastic! I hope the pair of you pick up on the next challenge as well as it is so lovely to see Victoria’s art developing. As for her growing knowledge about how our language historically elevated boys above girls, I remember the same feelings . . . it’s good to see this feminist streak (like her strong mother?). To insult a boy, you called him a girl; to insult a man, call him an ‘old woman’! (How dare they insult all those wonderful crones and kuia!) An active girl with gumption was called a tomboy . . . that’s the one I particularly disliked! Victoria . . . be your own mistress! That’s was miss is short for! Mistress and master are equal!
    Favourites: Kissing Birds and Stub of the First

  4. “Good God woman, why?” Am laying in my bed trying to stifle giggles so as not to wake up the two bloke and bubs. (I was going to say the two men in my life but that just sounded wrong!)

    I sat looking at Victoria’s pieced together card for a while. I see something different each time – a Chinese dragon head, a bird, flowers… It’s very clever.

    Love all of these and the discussions they prompt SO much!

  5. Oh all of these cards are such a treasure!! Love them all and Victoria the birds kissing with the heart above… is my very favorite of all…. just the coolest and Mom your clothes line is so fun…love the background!! All of these are such a joy….What great fun you had…thanks for sharing!! Keep going Victoria, you are very talented!!!

  6. Wonderful cards, Natasha! I especially love your first 2 collages…great layers & texture! Victoria’s birds & bunny are outstanding as well as the “family”… She has done such a fabulous job with this! Have a great weekend!

  7. These are all awesome! Tell Victoria I like her love birds and the bunny….she’s been doing a great job making these cards and staying with it. I really like your collage cards this week…51 and 54 are my picks…love the paper layers on 51!

  8. Both your cards are just beautiful. How did you ‘cheat’ on the washing line? It is absolutely gorgeous! The words you put with it are so appropriate though. Victoria, I really love the kissing birds and the last card with the thumb prints, very creative. I also love the soft colours in your rainbow.

  9. I simply love your cards Natasha!! You make the most beautiful organic shapes. Victoria’s are just adorable. Such a range of imagination she has. And I’m super impressed by her Mr/Miss questions. Smart girl! Thank you so, so much for your very kind comments the other day. You’re the sweetest! xx

  10. Victoria…i love love love your little family. They are so cute!!

    “Good God woman! Why?”….that is precious. love the clothes on the line.

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