A rocky time of it!


We have been rocking and rolling around these parts as we suffered two big earthquakes over the weekend and a lot of after shocks. Thankfully, although we have been told we should expect aftershocks for the next month or so, they are much less than they were and most are unfelt (so in my blinkered state they don’t count!) :).

Also thankfully we suffered only minor damage, some parts of the inner city have been very badly damaged. Suffice to say my nerves over the weekend were completely shot. I grew up in a city on the faultline and moved to another one on the faultline and I am used to earthquakes.  I used to love them in fact, until I watched what happened to one of our cities a couple of years ago. To see it decimated like that with so much loss of life and so close to home, makes one rethink their complacent nature about earthquakes I tell you! A 6.5 was higher than I was at all comfortable with, and it went on for so long I wondered if this was it (we are told often that we are overdue for the big one).

I have however discovered it is the aftershocks that are the worst. You can not fully relax at all, not sure what is coming. Good red wine and a resultant good nights sleep eased most of the initial anxiety, together with much weaker aftershocks. Also we rechecked emergency supplies and refreshed the emergency water. {deep breath} Peace of mind and sanity is returning…as much as that is possible during the winter school holidays. :D

So, onto my card for the week. I made this on Sunday during the earthquakes, and was actually quite excited to find “natural disasters”. It seemed appropriate to mark this week!

New adventures and natural disasters (#21/52)I am not why the “Tiger wrath” was calling to me but it was. I have just looked up in Animal Speak (by Ted Andrews) and it says “if a tiger has entered your life, you can expect new adventures. It will awaken new passion and power within life.”

How fabulous!! Welcome to new adventures! :)

And actually learning that makes some more of the phrases calling to me this week tie in with that idea as well. I love how all this ties in together and serendipitously gives us messages. To be honest I was not entirely sure about this card, in case it was induced by earthquake anxiety/hysteria!! Sometimes we just need to trust I guess. :)

Which seems like a good place to leave off, except I would like to mention that this series is inspired by Teresa Robinson’s 52 card project that she explains here. The cards are a good place to reflect and process whirling thoughts, as well as giving us messages for the future apparently!! The fact it is on a playing card also means that it is small enough to not feel like it is one more task you can’t cope with. It makes it much easier to get started!!

Honestly, apart from my morning pages, this practice has made such an incredible difference to my life and focus this year, I can’t stress the moment to pause and reflect enough. I am a door-knocking convert to the practice!! :D


9 thoughts on “A rocky time of it!

  1. Glad to know you are ok … I remembered that SOMEONE I knew from online could be affected by the earthquakes but I couldn’t remember who.

    love the card. Teresa is such an inspiration.

  2. Great card…love that they are useful to you at this time. So sorry to hear about the earthquake and aftershocks that have rocked your world. Stay safe!

  3. Oh! Earthquakes! They are SO scary (we live in earthquake central) and I’m so glad you are all okay.
    I wanted to come by and say thank you once again for all of the time and energy you gave to the SOC this year. It was a pleasure seeing what you came up with each week and I too look forward to doing it all again next year.
    But we will “talk” sooner than that ;)
    Kristin xoxo

  4. Thanks for visiting me – it is nice to make contact with another kiwi blogger. Love your blue/yellow combo. Earthquakes affected us here in Palmy too – water sloshing out of our pool not a good look! Enjoy more of 21 Secrets

  5. I can’t even imagine living in an earthquake prone area. We had an earthquake here in NYC a couple of years ago, which I felt 18 floors up & it was only a 4.0!!! SOOOO glad you are all OK!!
    I am loving your card! I have decided to do this as well…starting next week as August is my birthday month, no better time to start! You have inspired me! :)

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