The last batch for Summer of Color 3

The last week!!  The last six weeks have gone so fast, I can’t believe it has been six weeks since Summer of Color began.  I am also pleased to say that it is another completed challenge!  Finally some finishing magic is entering my creative space.  :)  A huge thanks to Kristin for her gracious hosting and the mid year Christmas gift that arrived when I won the week 2 goodies.  I am most grateful.  :)

These colours were a bit of a struggle for me, they are not colours I naturally gravitate to, but I love all my pages that eventuated from this week.  I love being pushed outside of my comfort zone, and the results that happen when you just play, because you have no other direction to go in when you start.  The space where magic happens.

Here are my journal pages:

This started of with just playing. I painted a couple of layers and put made some marks with my graphitones. I threaded a silk ribbon I had in this weeks colours (a lucky find when I was looking for something else!!) through the page and when I went to put on another layer of paint I saw these two figures dancing and I decided to leave them there. I love the sense of movement and feeling from them.

Dance of Lovers

I was going to go for a vintage-y portrait with red lips, but I ended up liking her the way she came out, so I left her quite soft and almost unfinished. She felt a bit dreamy and reflective.

ReflectionThis one began a lot like the first one, and then when I began playing with a later layer of paint I was interrupted by a phone call. When I came back the angle I saw this on looked liked someone, or a child being dragged and I love the unformed nature of it, so I left it as it was. I just added a few lines for the ground and a word down in the corner which came to me as I was working on the ground.

Dragged alongNext I decided to play with some corrugated cardboard. It is something I have been wanting to do for a while, to play with all that texture, and it seemed in my head it would work great with this week’s colours.

I LOVE how this came out. Not all my ideas worked, but I enjoyed playing immensely.

Texture cityAnd because I can I am going to force you to look at the delicious texture close ups!! :) I made the flowers with tissue paper and left over silk ribbon because I thought it needed a little something else.

Texture city close up

Texture city close up

Texture city close up

Texture city close upFinally I completely forgot last week that Victoria, my wee one worked on a painting with Summer of Color and she was most disappointed when I neglected to load it last week, so to make amends and appease my mother guilt here is her work from this week. She is on a playdate at the moment, so I can’t confirm, but I am reasonably confident it was all done with my Neocolor IIs. So here is the work from my Miss 6. :)

Victoria (6) Summer of Color Portrait


32 thoughts on “The last batch for Summer of Color 3

    • Thank you! I have turned to wine I am so on edge, checking out the geonet site has become an obsession. The aftershocks mean I am constantly on edge. The wine is helping. Was a good incentive to make sure our emergency kit was sorted. Thinking of you as well. xx

  1. Ahhh…it is so great to just play & enjoy the process!! I love these! And although you didn’t think your ideas worked completely, they are still there, swirling around in your brain & I bet at some point down the road, you will execute them just the way they are supposed to be! That is the magic, isn’t it? The face…her eyes…wow! They say it all! Beautiful! I also adore your sage “figures”…a child being pulled, yes!! I see it! Wonderful, Natasha! Victoria is certainly a budding artist! This portrait, at 6 yrs. old, is fabulous!!
    I was bummed I couldn’t paint with these colors as we just got back from vacation tonight…I did manage to take photos of the colors though. Love reading about your process! :)

  2. Fabulous work Natasha, loving all of the journal pages, the ribbon threw the pages, the beautiful face, the textured cardboard and of course Victoria’s creation! You’re going to love playing with your new gelli plate when it arrives, although I have a feeling that Victoria is too!

  3. Wow, so many great pages here! I like the “free flowing” process that you used. I think my favorite is the one made from assorted bits of corrugated cardboard: so cool to look at, and totally made fom scraps; that’s wonderful!

  4. The sage and sepia are beautiful together. You really captured the mood of the color combo, especially with the portrait.

    This is such a great way to end the SOC Challenge, too. The colors are reminiscent of how I feel at the end of summer (even though it’s nowhere near the end of summer where I live). They’re kind of relaxed, drained, and contemplative.

  5. You really took to this colour combination – SOC is great for pushing your own boundaries, isn’t it? Love the textures in the cardboard piece. Your daughter’s artwork is delightful too.

    I’ve just been reading about the earthquake, I hope everything calms down for you soon.


  6. Fabulous pages – I love how you’ve worked with this weeks colours – I love the free, easy movement of your figures – just beautiful. And you little one has done so well with hers – she’s obviously taking after mum!

  7. Hello Natasha..what a super beautiful post….a visual adventure ..such gorgeous pieces! I love your paintings..such a serene and softness to them..soulfulness..I love her beautiful face..powerful! and the textured pieces are so multi-sensory..magical and stimulating ..I want to reach out and feel the wonderful textures..fantastic art and creations!

  8. After looking at this week’s ICADs, I stopped by to see what you had made for this final SOC entry. I love the face, and of course, the corrugated cardboard. You make great art. I really like how you interpret what you see. That is something I’m not very good at.

    Can’t wait to see you AND Victoria at the final SOC wrap-up in the morning. This has been a lot of fun and I loved seeing Victoria’s art, too. You are a very good mother.

  9. Love your work especially the corrugated card one. Sumer of color and icad also have given me many new avenues to work from. Love Victoria’s piece. Yesterdays earth quake was a shocker wasnt it, I felt quite sea sick while it went on. As you, I feel a lot better today. Lots of sun help!!.

  10. I feel I want to touch your work..very tactile – love the texture as well as the colour. And that beautiful face at the top. Her expression is captivating…she seems to be careful and watchful ..

  11. Everything here is just beautiful! I absolutely love the corrugated card. I have some on my desk at this moment. I saved it from a delivery yesterday! Thank you for such wonderful inspiration and of course for visiting me x

  12. Oh Natasha – your art really sings to me! Those SOC pieces are gorgeous, and I love the delicious process of just being open and allowing the Muse to channel through you. And your cardboard piece is amazing. Texture heaven!

  13. Hi Natasha! Found you through 21 Secrets and am I ever glad I did! I will be a new regular reader. Love your style.
    Peace & Love,

  14. I LOVE that “unfinished” portrait, it fits so well with the colours! And the one your daughter made is so cute. Very well done for someone so young!

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