More index cards to show

Getting closer to the finish line and pleasingly up to date!  :)  It is a good feeling to actually finish a challenge and I have learnt a lot from this one of using only collage.  Like that I really like paint.  Also that I much prefer the collages that I make with my own painted papers.  Both useful things to know!  I did cheat on one of the cards this week by putting in some pen dots for eyes, but I did not like the eyeless look and the eyes I cut out looked wrong.

Victoria is still doing them as well, although her attention to them has gotten smaller and smaller, which is the opposite of what I thought would happen while she is on holidays.  Though I am still mightily impressed that she is still doing these mostly self-directed, I have only had to ask her once or twice if she is working on an index card today. Though this week she asked me how many more days until the end, so I think the novelty is wearing off!  :)

Icad 43:

I utilised my stone obsession with my resin paper and luminous paper I made.  I showed Victoria the pop out hearts for a friend’s birthday card and she decided to do it on her index card as well.

Icad #43Me

Victoria (6) Icad #43Victoria (6)

Icad 44:

I was using up the scraps from my collage box while Victoria was still seeing rainbows. :)

Icad #44Me

Victoria (6) Icad #44Victoria (6)

 Icad 45:

I thought I would try a matryoshka doll design I have been thinking about since ICAD began this year, and Victoria was playing with shiny metallics.

Icad #45Me

Victoria (6) Icad #45Victoria (6)

Icad 46:

I was inspired by this card of Tammy’s, while Victoria cut out a circle from one index card and used it to colour in circles on this index card.

Icad #46Me

Victoria (6) Icad #46Victoria (6)

Icad 47:

I was playing with circles of my gelatin prints while Victoria played with a gelatin print of a ginkgo leaf, and her original stencil card from above.
Icad #47Me

Victoria (6) Icad #47Victoria (6)

Icad 48:

I was using up scraps, and so was Victoria!  :)
Icad #48Me

Victoria (6) Icad #48Victoria (6)

Icad 49:

I was playing with the matryoshka doll idea again (where their eyeless state disturbed me), while Victoria was inspired by Schnitzel von Krumm with a very low tum.

Icad #49Me

Victoria (6) Icad #49Victoria (6)

I hope everyone is having a creatively-filled weekend. :)


11 thoughts on “More index cards to show

  1. I love your stone themed collages as well as the Matryoshkas! And as an art teacher, I applaud Victoria’s “stick-to-it-ness”! She has done a fabulous job!! My daughter, who is 8.5 lasted 4 cards 😕…sigh. This has been a great experience! Am sad to see it end, but eager to explore some of my cards in more depth! Great job, Natasha!!

  2. Oh my – they are gorgeous I love the ‘using up’ element of this challenge Natasha, that you are nearing the finish line – loving all cards – adore your daughters rainbow and heart cards – I love the pop out heart one! Loving your resin print stacked stones – awesome!

  3. Oh these are wonderful. I’m having a love affair with Matryoshkas and your cards just added to it. And Victoria’s cards are delightful as well – I’m pretty sure Schnitzel von Krumm would be very pleased with the portrait.

  4. I LOVE all of your ICADs! Gelli prints, matryoshka dolls and resin paper – what’s not to love?! Victoria’s ICADs are stunning, watch out Mum! I love the Schnitzel Von Krumm books, rainbows and hearts – what’s not to adore?!


  5. Gorgeous cards from both of you!! I was trying to pick a favourite but gave up – I love them all! It is a great feeling to keep up with the challenge, isn’t it?

  6. As all those before me said “what’s not to love from both of you” I love to play with scraps, I find it so satisfying. I am pleased I don’t have to choose a favourite.

  7. You two are getting really inventive…love all of these!!! Your layering and Victoria’s cut-outs have inspired me! I’m going to check out resin paper…I’ve been seeing that word popping up in regards to paper. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next week.

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